Aurora in the U.S. and Canada. Video


15.07.12.Vpechatlyayuschee watch the light show in the sky these days the inhabitants of southern Canada and some U.S. states — the Northern Lights. This beautiful phenomenon is caused by the last peak of solar activity.

Just 14 July telescopes NASA space lab recorded the strongest solar flare. They were identified as the most powerful. Scientists argue that lights every year are becoming more intense. If previously dominated only green and pink colors, now clearly looked through the red tones. And recently lights not silent. Bright flashes of the polar aurora is often accompanied by a monotonous drone, or a sound similar to a crash. The reasons for these changes are the same — increase in solar activity, say experts.

Source: Channel 5 St. Petersburg

Posted on 15/07/2012 by user AssociatedPress

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