Australia in a fiery captivity: Authorities say the crash

January 8, 2013. The hot weather and strong winds to the rapid spread of fires in Australia. And if the day before the authorities said that the fires have been contained, but today it was announced that a new round of evacuation of residents from dangerous areas.

The authorities of New South Wales, which has already registered more than 100 fires that describe the situation as catastrophic and recommend citizens to immediately leave the danger areas.

Fire is also spreading rapidly through the territory of the island of Tasmania and Victoria.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who visited the eve of Tasmania, today warned residents about the possibility of new fires.

"I came to Tasmania with a single purpose — to speak to the people of the island, that the whole country with them at this very, very difficult time — said Gillard. — It is very important that people were safe, listened to the advice and warnings of local authorities. It's a dangerous day. "

Over the weekend in Tasmania burned about 100 homes, but no injuries were reported.

Beginning of 2013 broke all records for the temperature level, the thermometer at this time of the year rarely rise so high. The first week of January has entered the top twenty of the hottest days in the history of the country.

For five days the average temperature does not fall below 39 ° C. plus

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Australia in the fire: the situation is catastrophic

January 8, 2013. The Prime Minister of New South Wales Barry O'Farrell in an address to the inhabitants of the state urged them to "be fully prepared for the worst temperature record." "We are likely to face the most serious threat of fire in the history of our state," — said the O'Farrell

In the south-east of Australia established a monstrous heat. In the most populous Australian state of New South Wales blazes over 130 wildfires. For the past day fire destroyed more than 55,000 hectares of forest and scrub.

People are able to protect against fire localities of the state. Fighting the fire are thousands of firefighters and rescue workers, yet they are not yet able to take control of about 40 fires blazing in the open.

Fires are also distributed through the territory of the island state of Tasmania. Over the weekend in the state fire destroyed about 100 homes. Rescue workers examined the ruins, but none of them were found dead one.

Firefighters fighting with fire in Victoria. Large fire recorded in Yarrabina 100 kilometers from the capital. Local authorities found him uncontrollable and call on the population to seek shelter because the evacuation is not possible.

The situation is complicated by the unusually intense heat, steady in recent days in the south-east of the country. In Australia, now the height of summer, but so hot here has never been. From 2 to 6 January sredneavstraliyskaya maximum temperature of the day every day plus a mark higher than 39 degrees Celsius — an absolute record for all time weather observations doing here.

This afternoon in Sydney, the thermometer reached 43 degrees plus — for the last 150 years this has happened only twice. Later in the afternoon in the city "colder" only 3 degrees, at 19:00 local time (12:00 MSK) in Sydney was plus 40. Significant additional risk is a sharp, dry wind speeds of less in the rural areas to the south-west of Sydney this afternoon reached the mark of 70 km per hour.

All the TV broadcast map of New South Wales. About three-quarters are colored bright red, which means "extreme situation." The remaining quarter of the cards, it is at least four regions of New South Wales, today was painted a deep red color corresponding to the "catastrophic situation." This means that each new ignition may lead to uncontrolled and rapidly spreading fire.

"To use the word" catastrophic "is a very good reason," — announced today by the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard, that on the eve of Take a day trip to the emergency fire devastated the island of Tasmania, located 240 kilometers off the southeastern coast of the mainland. "It is extremely important for people to seriously think about their safety, closely followed and alerts the local authorities' — the Head of Government.

The Prime Minister of New South Wales Barry O'Farrell in an address to the inhabitants of the state urged them "To be fully prepared for the worst temperature record." "We are likely to face the most serious threat of fire in the history of our state," — O'Farrell said.

According to the weather forecast, tomorrow, January 9, in New South Wales is expected to plus 35 degrees, and on Thursday — plus 28.

Based on: ITAR-TASS and Air force

Source: Radio "Voice of Russia"

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