Australia: In Queensland, formed a giant sinkhole

February 20, 2013. In the not yet forgotten resulting from ex-cyclone Oswald at the end of January this year, floods, Queensland Bendaberg city, close to the marina Midtown Marina formed a huge earthen collapse. Inside the crater early in the morning fell through a two-story building, owned by the owners of the marina.

The city administration is seriously concerned that the same fate could soon befall still about 10 buildings along the river Burnett, including a multi-storey building hotel. At the moment, negotiations are underway to evacuate the workers and residents of those buildings that fall into the danger zone.

Undoubtedly, the karst funnel formed due to the ex-cyclone, which brought in Queensland enormous amount of precipitation for several days kept in suspense the whole region. Most recently, in Bedaberge rains again that only contributed to the emergence of a funnel in the ground. In the Mary Valley, north of Brisbane, February 19 fell as much as 150 mm of rain. To all the people who live near rivers and on the coast, it is recommended to monitor the data on the rise of the water level and expect a possible evacuation.

This manifestation of the consequences of flooding can disrupt plans for coastal restoration after the flood. In the rescue again began to receive allegations of flooded homes and leaking roofs. And ahead of Queensland's another rainy day with wind gusts up to 100 km / h, again may cause flood funnel or any portion of the state.


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