Autumn call for President

Autumn call for President

"Memorial", the Alliance of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers and still almost two 10-ka human rights organizations have signed appeal to President Medvedev called for completely abandon conscription and eliminate Institute of Military Justice. Specific reason for the occurrence of this treatment was the death of soldiers of Ruslan Ayderhanova.

"We are convinced that if the appeal in its Russian variant is not possible modernization of the country," — said in a statement yesterday sent the president by 22 human rights organizations from 14 regions of Russia. The founder of the appeal was the Yekaterinburg Committee of Soldiers' Mothers. To the head of this organization Maria Lebedeva inhabitants of the village turned Arslanova Chelyabinsk region, villagers 20-year-old Ruslan Ayderhanova, who died in the middle of September.

The command is located in the town of Elan (Sverdlovsk region) of a military unit 55062, which served as a soldier in Ayderhanov, argues that the soldier committed suicide. The same version voiced by military investigators, a similar conclusion made military prosecutor. But relatives Ayderhanova believe that Ruslan was killed and military law enforcement agencies cover criminals. "The body was found hanging from a tree outside the part. Relatives, contrary to the prohibition of war which revealed the coffin was found on the body of a wound from a knife attack, numerous injuries and signs of torture, "- said in a proclamation of human rights organizations.

According to the views of managers of "Memorial", Center for Democracy and Human Rights, the heads of the regional committees of soldiers' mothers and other public activists who signed the appeal, Elan disaster in the garrison characterizes the current state of the army: "After the resounding statements at the highest level of humanization of compulsory military service, a brand new form of Russian army boys continue to die at winding up in landfills obsolete ammunition by extraneous works in the army barracks of violence, mass colds and refusal medical care. " Therefore, human rights activists, the authorities should abolish the of mandatory or call or at least the last stop him. Moratorium on call enter "to develop a new, according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation and international acts on the protection of human rights legislation and the passage of his true pinning its only purpose: training of military-trained reserve."

The appeal of human rights defenders should be faster as a "cry from the heart", rather than as a statement of programs from action, said, "MN" coordinator of the "Man and the army"Member of the Presidential Council for the Development civilian society and human rights Sergey Krivenko. "But human rights organizations to supply the army reform, backed up by expert opinions were formulated long ago," — explains Kryvenko, Medvedev also signed the letter. According to him, the letter should not be taken as human rights activists and some political statement, it does not matter to the election and addressed to the head of the country, "regardless of how it will be called." "If, for example, be formulated by a working group on reform of the military justice system, then there is a proper proposal will target" — promised Kryvenko.

His views on human rights, within the framework of intensive ongoing at the moment and criminal justice reform process, it was possible to put the question on the refusal of the military justice system, which "is the first" defense of the honor of the uniform "and often covering crimes." As explained by the "MN" is one of the founders of the appeal to the president, a member of the board of the Human Rights Centre "Memorial" Lyudmila Vakhnina, the Criminal Procedure Code states that urgent investigative actions are themselves commanders of military units or their designees. "But every now and commanders are interested in covering up what is going on in the army," — said Vakhnina.

She believes that for the elimination of military justice, and for the ultimate failure of the call for "required is the political will of senior management." The same view is held and a member of the Presidential Council on Human Rights, managing the Center for Democracy and Human Rights Jury Jibladze. "Money, of course, this is — he said" MN ". — Pretty to look at the structure of the budget and take into account the increased costs of the armed forces. "

Employee Jibladze by presidential human rights council Sergei Krivenko recalls that the first face of the country declared a shift to Prof. Army since the early 90's. In 1992, the government passed a resolution on a phased transition to manning the armed forces under the contract. In 1996, then- president Boris Yeltsin signed a decree to abolish a 2000 military conscription — the decree, according to Sergei Krivenko, "was prosabotirovan military", as well as a similar decision of the Security Council, adopted already in the presidency of Vladimir Putin in 2001. "Then there was approved the federal motivated programm 2003-2007, at the cost of 79 billion rubles., Which also was defeated, the military explained to her misfortune low-wage contract" — continues to control the motion of "Citizen and army. "

Yuri Jibladze notes the contradictory statements of Russian officials: Sergei Ivanov as Minister of Defense stated that "the reform as a whole is over", now the head of the Ministry of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov and Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov, they say that the transition to the agreement is far from over. Moreover, in March of today, the Army General Makarov made two straight inverse statement: that the need to increment the number of recruits, and the fact that "the armed forces are designed for contractors, but their preparation we have prepared an army."

Destination messages defenders — President Medvedev, meeting in April with soldiers of the 45th Special Forces Airborne Regiment, said that "in the coming 10-15 years need to use a combined scheme of recruitment of the armed forces — the contract and call-up." By 2017, tasked to bring the number up to 425 thousand contractors "This half-hearted decision, and can speed up the process", — said Yuri Jibladze.

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