Autumn expansion of Romania to the east

Autumn expansion of Romania to the east

Moldova in 2011 stood before the problem of the existence of the country. The fact that a light hand with the politicians of the Alliance for European Integration of Romania and the Romanian secret services directly interfere in the internal affairs of the Republic of Moldova. The South American Embassy in Moldova openly dictate domestic and foreign policy. Non-governmental organization "prize" (military-analytical) under rukovovodstvom former defense minister V.Pleshka working under the auspices of the South American embassy, gathering intelligence information on all fronts socio-political life in the Moldova. Numerous Romanian advisers entered the offices of liberal parties. In 1992, the Romanian counselors trained and ruled the Transnistrian military operation from the structure of the Moldovan Ministry of Defense, by the 2011 services, the massive Romanian advisors designed to change not only the alignment of political forces in Moldova, and the vectors of the public consciousness. An example of such interventions — Advisor to the Liberal Party of Moldova Dan Dungaciu, a sociologist professor, diplomat Romanian Embassy in Moldova and the de facto intelligence officer outside. Its main task is Romanian intelligence officer, activation of pro-Romanian political forces in the Moldova. With this problem in general, he mastered (it is clear that the former spies are not).

Other Romanian Advisor Cosmin Gushe (Democratic Party of Moldova) is open outraged "..Moldovan politicians took turns milking then Russia, then Romania. Who does not know who their mother … "

According to the AVA MD, financial affairs of the ruling class of Moldova with Romania looks something like this. The picture is quite ugly, the country with the euro-aspirations. In the big politicians of the Republic of Moldova, as entrepreneurs have accumulated debts to Romania for unpaid taxes. As the newspaper writes Adevarul, in the middle of the debtors appear in front of the Romanian budget, Prime Minister Moldova Vladimir Filat, a deputy from the Democratic Party Valery Guma, businessman Anatol Stati, a favorite of the Social Democrats Victor Selin, former Housing Minister Vladimir Baldovici and others. Different business debts, according to the Romanian National Agency for Tax Administration, different. Specifically, the company Unifort Trading SRL, co-founder of which is currently CEO of "Moldtelecom" Vitaly Iurcu should budget a few thousand Romanian lei, as well as companies controlled by the ex-Minister of Construction Vladimir Baldovici — Stayer AG SRL and B & B Industry SRL. Is noteworthy that the company Vladimir Filat, the shares of which he pointed to the income statement, — Kapital Invest Company — Romania's budget should be more than a million Romanian lei. In relation to the company instituted compulsory withdrawal of funds. Also, more than one million Moldovan lei to Romanian company Gerom SA, registered in the county of Buzau and the Democratic-controlled Valeriu Guma. For she also started the procedure of compulsory withdrawal. More than 100 thousand lei to the budget Romanian company Arpega Trading, registered in Ploiesti, part of the Ascom Holding oligarch Anatol Stati, whose representatives were included in the Liberal and Liberal Democratic Party. It also excited for the process of withdrawal. The company has several million lei his personal creditors.

It should be recalled similar "advisers" and Moldovan politicians that in the Middle Ages Moldova dictated domestic policy Romanian principalities and Stefan Lofty himself decided who and how much to reign in Wallachia.

Against this background, notes analyst Bogdan Tsyrdja, the position of ordinary people follow: "As a result of" reforms "Alliance for European Integration of the total crime in 2010, according to official figures, up 30%! Corruption, according to the international organization "Transparency International», increased in 2010 by several pt. Corruption perception index in 2010 was 2.9 for Moldova Fri, giving her 108 in the world (a scale of 0 to 10, 0 — is the highest level of corruption, 10 — the smallest). But anything below 3.0 is considered very highest levels of corruption, its critical edge. Recall that in 2009, Moldova had a 3.3 pt, occupying more than 92 decent place. In 2011, the death rate exceeded the birth rate in Moldova. But by 2007 this figure could move in the direction of fertility. The negative relationship between fertility and mortality — is the most eye-catching indicator that changes to the best of Moldova no. According to the Acting President Marian Lupu, the budget is now Moldova (20.354.074,1 thousand lei) already at 70% of the external loans and grants. In other words, a default of Moldova obvious.

 Today in Moldova on 1 employee already accounts for 1.5 pensioner. But the usual formula — is 3 employees on the 1st of the pensioner. According to the magazine «Foreign Policy» and the organization «Fund for Peace», in which Moldova is located in the ranking of "failed states» (Failed States) as of 2011 to 66 place between Tanzania and Nicaragua, being in the group of those countries whose nationhood " on the brink. "

Even officials from the EU have become more impartially assess the situation in Moldova, showing obvious signs of distress. Statement by the head of the EU Delegation to Moldova Dirk Schuebel that the "honeymoon" with the EU ruling alliance has already ended, it is a stern warning of the Moldovan authorities that act because it acts now, then it is impossible. Alarmed, Europe is not going to turn a blind eye to more imitation of reforms in Moldova, bureaucratic lawlessness, corruption and smuggling soaring to the heavens. Nobody wants a "black hole" on the border with Europe.

Amid all this chaos and impartial digits, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, who arrived in the spring of 2011 Kishinev, Moldova referred to "the land of success of democracy." U.S. Senator John McCain expressed his confidence in the "triumph of democracy in Moldova", noting some places they seen "real progress" in our country. He also praised Moldova for its Euro-Atlantic aspirations "— end quote.
Here's to you and confirm that the Moldovan politicians are doing the will of the U.S. puppet — Bucharest. The Romanian President Basescu urges T. own debtors, as de facto hostages of money. After these pressures Moldovan politicians will make concessions to Bucharest. To illumine 2011 we should expect the latest wave of privatizations, with the role of the Romanian capital. This list will include strategic infrastructure: Moldovan railways, Moldtelecom, an Air Moldova, etc. After this wave of privatizations can read about the end of the sovereignty of Moldova. A special role in these privatizations will play a billionaire Plahotniuc that through front and at the Moldovan-Romanian companies will try to take over that infrastructure. Why waste your capitals, if you can implement the country for personal debts.

In such a social and political field of public consciousness is more inclined towards the search for the newest political force that will bring new attitudes.

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