Autumn in Nizhny Tagil show Boomerang, Kurganets and Armata

Autumn in Nizhny Tagil show "Boomerang", "Kurganets" and "Armata"In September, the exhibition in Nizhny Tagil of "PCU", part of the holding "NPO" High-precision complex "must submit samples of new weapon systems for armored vehicles.

New development work to create a promising weapon systems for armored vehicles were discovered in 2011, which was a continuation of the proposed concept for the CPP re-Russian army. At the end of 2012 with the co-executors of the PCU graduated step development of design documentation and the actual operation time out the subsequent step: preparation — preparation of samples for testing. These works is given close attention by the Department of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation for defense procurement and management of military missions Defense Ministry. This was reported on the website

January 23, CBI had conducted a meeting on "Current situation and the upcoming implementation of development work on the theme" Boomerang "," Kurganets "and" Armata. "The meeting was attended by representatives of various organizations, which are sub-contractors in this area of work, including CPP constant collaborators. significance of the meeting has provided the presence of representatives from the Ministry of Defense.

Chief designer of the direction — Head of Department 12 L. Shvets said about the progress, "Russian President Vladimir Putin, read about what the exhibition in Nizhny Tagil he wished to behold these new machines. We have to actively work hard To make the three new modules. terms of readiness claimed by subcontractors rigid timing of delivery devices. During March and April, they have to put in its proper KBP real part. Martial modules need to be made, assembled, adjusted and put fire in the dash in the middle of summer.

According to the results of the development of design documentation we made a single battle module, which is mounted on three platforms: the wheel, srednegusenichnuyu and heavy. The presence of one module will greatly facilitate its creation, maintenance and crew training — is a common vision and the customer, and the head of performers. In this module installed absolutely brand new fire control system with automatic software battle work with a different type of weapon. Complex weapons in combat potential surpasses all zabugornye BMP, including Puma and Bradley. And in Russia, of course, our system will be the best.

All accessory manufacturers present at the meeting were satisfied with the operational and busy work. They thanked the PCU for the fact that they have the opportunity to participate in a large and fundamental work, highlighting that they consider it an honor to work with a team of CBI. "

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