Aviation antitank missile system «Whirlwind»

Aviation antitank missile system

The main purpose of air anti-missile system «Whirlwind» is defeat armored vehicles, including vehicles, equipment reactive armor, and low-speed air targets, which fly at speeds up to 800 km / h

The complex began to develop in the Instrument Design Bureau (Scientific and Production Association «Accuracy») in 1980. Job of managing the chief designer Shipunov AG Aviation LAW «Whirlwind» in 1992 adopted it.

Aviation antitank missile system

Complex to the beginning of 2000 was used for anti-tank attack aircraft Su-25T (Su-25TM, Su-39, 2nd launchers AAP-8 to 16 missiles), and Ka-50 «Dark Shark» (2nd PU 12 rockets).

The exhibition at Farnborough 1992 for the first time provided an improved flight model, «Vortex-M.»

There is a modification of the ship’s complex «Whirl-K», including artillery installation AK-306 30-mm and 4 anti-tank guided missiles «Whirlwind» with a range of fire up to 10 thousand sq. Complexes «Whirl-K» weapons intended for patrol boats and ships.

Complex «Whirlwind» in the west gave the designation AT-12 (AT-9).

The aviation complex anti-9K121 «Whirlwind.»

It consists of:
— 9A4172 — supersonic guided missile (controlled by a laser beam);
— I-251 «Flurry» — Clock surveillance and attack system;
— AAP-8 (AAP-6) — Aviation launcher.

The complex provides an opportunity to fire a single rocket or a salvo of 2-guided missile system. The highest speed supersonic guided missile (up to 610 m / c) reduces the vulnerability of the helicopter during the attack and allows for one-stop hit several targets. To overcome a distance of 4 m thousand rocket need 9 seconds. For comparison: the most powerful South American helicopter PTR FGN-114K «Hallfire» moves at subsonic speed, and the distance covered in 15 seconds.

In developing the aerodynamic missiles canard system. Missiles have a folding wing. For guidance serves vsesutochny automatic sighting system. During the approach to the objective area, its location in the OBC helicopter instituted in advance, at a distance of about 12 km automatic mode cut one television scanning area. Finding on the TV screen image of the target, the pilot directs toward her helicopter, then frames the network sight the target and presses the button automatic tracking. Sight crosses on tracking of targets, and when the permitted range missile launches.

Start type — expelling charge of transport and launch container.

Job laser beam guidance system and automatic target tracking system ensures the highest accuracy, which is not actually a function of range. Laser beam control system has a capacity of radiation that an order of magnitude less than the threshold power actuation systems laser warning zabugornogo production, providing the ultimate in stealth use. The possibility of defeat small targets mobile class «tank» missiles «Whirlwind» — 0.8.

Storage, transportation and introduction of rockets carried out using transport and launch container, which provides warehousing bezreglamentnoe antitank guided missiles for 10 years.

Shaped-charge fragmentation warhead missiles 9A4172 can penetrate the armor (including active) zabugornyh modern tanks from different angles. Most armor — 1000 mm. «Whirlwind» has proximity and contact fuses.

The performance properties of complex anti-9K121 Whirlwind:
Developer — CB «Instrument»;
Range of shooting days are — 0.5-10 km;
Firing range funny day — up to 5 (6) km;
Start height — from 5 to 4000 m;
Flight time:
— at a distance of 6000 m — 14;
— at a distance of 8000m — 23 s;
— to the highest range — 28 s;
Average speed — 600 m / s;
Dimensions rocket 9A4172:
— Length — 2750 mm;
— greatest diameter of the housing — 125-130 mm;
— wingspan — 240 mm;
— scope stabilizers — 380 mm;
Missile launch weight — 40-45 kg;
Dimensions transport and launch container:
— Length — 2870 mm;
— width — 140 mm;
Weight missiles in transport-launch container — 59 kg;
Low implementation — from -50 to +50 degrees;
— weight — 8.12 kg;
— explosive mass — 4-5.5 kg;
— type fuse — proximity and catenary;
— radius acts proximity fuze — 2.5-3.0 m;
And control equipment-251 «squall»:
— night channel — thermal imaging;
— Daily channel — TV;
— target tracking system — automatic;
Aviation PU AAP-8:
— carrier — Su-25T (Su-39);
— number of missiles on the launcher — 8;
— Weight empty / equipped launcher — 60/535 kg;
— launcher length — 1524 mm;
— launcher width — 720 mm;
— launcher height — 436 mm;
— pointing angle in the EP — 10 degrees;
Aviation launcher AAP-6:
— carrier — the Ka-50 (Ka-52);
— number of missiles on the launcher — 6;
— empty weight of the launcher — 60 kg;
— launcher length — 1524 mm;
— launcher width — 720 mm;
— launcher height — 436 mm;
— pointing angle in the EP — 10 degrees.

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