Azerbaijan threatens locust invasion


7.07.11.Selskoe economy — an important component in the well being of many countries. Successful or not successful for agriculture will be a year, depending on many factors, first and foremost, of course, the weather.

In that case, if ever it rains, or, alternatively, a drought, a good harvest can be expected. But there is another factor that can have a negative impact on the agricultural land — is "volatile factor", namely locusts.
According to the newspaper "The Mirror", these insects have a notorious reputation for centuries, and the mention of them can be found in the Bible. Grasshoppers, locusts — a few species of insects of the family real locusts able to form large flocks (of up to hundreds of millions of individuals) that migrate long distances.

Feature of the biology of locusts is the presence of two phases — a single and gregarious, different morphology and behavior. Locusts can form large groups (flocks), comprising up to 10 billion individuals, and make extensive migration in search of food. Such swarms, moving at a speed of 30 km per day, are capable of destroying in its path all vegetation. Feed on these insects mostly herbaceous plants, at least — the leaves of trees.

The strongest in the history of mankind locust invasion occurred in the U.S. in 1875. Locust Swarm originated in Texas and has spread to the West, but after a while, making the enormous devastation disappeared for unknown reasons. Currently, large areas of crops throughout the world suffer from locusts, particularly in Africa. This summer locust threat hangs over many countries.

This year in our country, there is also the threat of invasion of these voracious winged insects, and the threat has become quite real. So, the other day some of the territory of Salyan and Sabirabad regions of Azerbaijan suffered invasion of locusts. APA reports quoting local residents.

According to them, over the last 2-3 days in home gardens, orchards and gardens, there are swarms of locusts. During the movement of vehicles on the glass beats countless their set. Specialists agricultural departments of the executive authorities Sabirabad and Salyan districts reported that a local locust. Because the jaws of this species of locusts are weak, in contrast to the Moroccan locust, attacked the field last year, not this kind of locust damage crops of wheat.

Local locusts eat green leaves of trees and green grass.
It is noted that in the village of Salyan Archa Khalaj observed numerical increase in locusts. Reported taking action in this regard. In various villages of Sabirabad also observed local locust swarms. Only in the village in a little Moranly was seen Moroccan locust, which quickly destroyed.

Ride the locust situation is impossible, because in this case the agricultural land may be caused great harm. It is believed that the only service that is able to effectively combat these pests — this is a small air force, with which you can pollinate chemicals larger area. But in China, such as a non-standard, but the eco-friendly way to deal with locusts. For these purposes, it used about four thousand hungry ducks.


Source: Day.Az

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