Baby and the Dentist

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Whatever they say on TV, the secret to healthy teeth one, a regular visit to the dentist, the best two times a year. Especially if parents teeth problem.

If perform this simple rule, then the worst thing that threatens your favorite child is a half-hour treatment of caries every couple of years. However, if the start situation, there is a risk that the end of your school baby be afraid of the dentist. But there is still a whole life.

Of course, the first visit to the pediatric dentist is a very important event. On how it will be, depends on how baby will relate to the dentist in the future.


When news of the baby to the dentist?

Best of all, if the first doctor's visit will take place as an evaluation appointment. His goal should be prevention.

If your baby is 1 year old, he can say that he is now old enough to get to know "dental" doctor who simply see whether the teeth are growing. That is the purpose of the first visit to the dentist, he assesses the state of the teeth, their growth and development, as well as oral hygiene. Do not put off an appointment with the dentist at a later age. After all, time has not noticed a problem with the bite can lead to a host of problems in adulthood.


How to prepare your child for a hike to the dentist?

If the first visit to the dentist for dental treatment kid, you should do everything possible so that he was not nervous or scared. Children are not born with a fear of the dentist, but the parents are free to scare the child ahead of time. It should not be specially prepare the child for a visit to the dentist, your baby feel your excitement and fear.

You just need to tell the child about the visit to the doctor, in any case, not to mention that "it will not hurt" and "it's not scary." Such words rather frighten the child. Forget your visits to the dentist as a child, anesthesia has now reached such heights that will not hurt your baby.

Newly erupted permanent teeth are very vulnerable, especially their chewing surface. It has lots of pits and grooves (fissures) in which food is constantly stuck. Scrub them extremely difficult, so there arise decay. Dentists recommend from 7 to 12 years of making baby seal fissures — align the chewing surface of the teeth with a liquid filling material with fluoride. The procedure is completely painless.


What to do if your child already has a negative experience?

First, find another clinic. Dissimilar to the one where the frightened child. Choose one in which doctors are trained and know how to communicate with children, it is best if the clinic has a special children's anesthesia, as well as children's seal.

Now the number of children's hospitals is sufficiently large. Of course, all parents want their children to be treated very good doctors. Optimally, if the child is a serious division of the dental clinic with a good reputation. As an example, a network of clinics, "Dr. Martin", which has created a children's center "Martinka" where everything is geared to treat children. In this children's hospital are receiving candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the highest category. But the most important thing is that these are people who love children and are able to find a common approach during treatment.

So, before going to the doctor tell your child that you are on his side, and a new doctor very different and very good. Say it is not going to be just like the last time.


To treat or not the baby teeth?

Some say, "Why treat baby teeth when they fall out anyway?". This is wrong, if the baby teeth are not treated, they can be a source of infection and damage to the permanent tooth bud. Treat milk teeth should be on time, do not run them, and to bring the matter before the removal.

It is best to milk teeth fall out on their own, this will help avoid problems in the future. This is very important because the teeth ensure correct pronunciation and sometimes dislike of the dentist can cost a child not only teeth, but also many hours in the classroom with a speech therapist.

Also, premature loss of baby teeth can lead to an incorrect bite, because baby teeth "keep the place" for the permanent tooth. If the baby is not even a baby tooth, then the others can begin to shift, and thus a constant tooth cuts in the wrong place due. To avoid this, in the modern dental clinics for children is prosthetics — with special removable plates. There is also a new technology, when treated milk tooth They give special crown. The procedure is quick and painless, much better removal.


Do not forget about orthodontics!

To avoid such unpleasant consequences, the child must show not only general dentist, but also at the orthodontist, who will be able to give recommendations for the prevention of malocclusion or prescribe treatment to correct it.

In the "Martinka" fix will bite Nathan R. Nuvahov, doctor the highest category, an orthodontist, a member of the Russian Association of Orthodontists.

It is much better and easier to correct bite the child as a child. Do it without stress and problems can, if you have established a good relationship with your child dentistry. When your child grows up, he will be very grateful to you for that. And the friendship with your dentist, who will save him from a fair amount of trouble and expense for a lifetime.


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