Bad weather in Vitebsk



26.07.11.Silny downpour hit the Vitebsk on July 25. In just one hour from 18.00 to 19.00 dropped 39 mm of rain. This is more than decadal rate!

Rescuers had to pump water out of the basements of private homes, offices and shops, as well as to remove the fallen derevya.K Fortunately affected by rain there, BelTA informs.

Forecasters say that in July in Vitebsk established the weather like in tropikah.Vozdushnye masses who have come from southern Europe, fostered cumulonimbus clouds of great vertical extent, which is associated with phenomena such as heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, hail strong winds and choppy.

At the same time heavy rain falls in some places, making it difficult to forecast the weather. In just less than a month in Vitebsk fell 1.5 monthly rainfall.

Source: KP.RU — Belarus

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