Ball lightning burned house in the Moldovan village


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16.05.12.V Friday night during a thunderstorm, lightning hit ball into one of the houses in the Moldovan village Nezavertaylovka.

The roof of dried reeds on fire instantly. Because of the strong winds in a matter of minutes the whole roof swept by fire. At this point, the house was empty, so the incident there were no casualties.

In a few minutes the scene of Dnestrovsk arrived just three fire brigades. The fire could not be put out more than seven hours. Only in the morning with the fire brigade managed.

Maria Kovalenko, the victim: "Firefighters arrived. Began to extinguish the one hand, on the other hand. The house was large and a cane. Dry reeds. Nothing could save him. I come here at night, it was already too late. Have nothing, nothing to save. "

The roof is completely burned out, the house is partially destroyed. Family of three homeless. Now the state administration Nezavertaylovki looking to provide financial assistance to fire victims. The victims are willing to accept any support.

 Reporter: Inna Sipita

Source: TV PMR

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