Balls of light flash in the sky over Florida

February 18, 2013. South Florida residents who are fortunate enough to look at the right place at the right time, turned out on Sunday evening observers grandiose light show — perhaps the flight of sporadic meteors. The Coast protection began receiving a flurry of phone calls about 7:30 pm, according to NBC Miami. People have reported seeing flashes that raced from Jacksonville to Key West, said Petty Officer 3rd class Coast Sabrina protection Laberdesk. People describe "flash" as the "orange or red fireballs in the sky" — says Laberdesk . Illumination was only in the sky, the fall of objects on the ground were reported, there were no injuries, said Laberdesk.

Sporadic meteors — this is mainly rocky objects, which comes from the asteroid belt, said Mike Hankey, the operational manager of the American Society for the Study of asteroids, based in Zhenezi, New York. Group of 27 submissions came in for about the first two hours after the event, he said.

"That's a lot of messages that came very quickly," — said Hankey.

Based on the information it happened somewhere over the ocean.

"Fireballs and flashes — a common occurrence," — says Hankey. "For any person to be a rare good fortune to see something like this once or twice in a lifetime. But in order to see balls of fire every night, you need an event will occur somewhere in the world several times a day "- added. Hankey— "People should not be afraid that the sky will fall on them something, and generally do not have to be afraid of."

In South Florida on Sunday night, the Coast Guard found that the streak of light appeared in the sky and disappeared instantly. The Coast protection sent a helicopter to investigate reports of an outbreak, but found nothing, said Sabrina Laberdesk.

On materials: NBC Miami
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