Bankers will remove fingerprints from customers


16.11.12.Bankiry warn about the introduction of ATMs, which will generate money by fingerprints. To accept such offers is not worth it categorically.

Anti-skimming, which is promised to the bankers to its customers, and the imaginary. The number of such vehicles in the near future will be minimal. But the chances that the database with biometric data will be calm prodavtsya Gorbushka, shovels and other electronic markets with a mixed reputation, are very high.

On implementation of technology that allows to remove money from ATMs by fingerprints, said the Summer Bank. The credit institution does not enjoy wide popularity and the news could not cover if Summer Bank was not affiliated with VTB 24.

VTB24 care, at first glance, it's hard to explain. Is that the financiers are not too believe in the success of this venture. Basically, the reason to fear they have. Nothing fundamentally new to Russia in this technology there. Until a few years ago about the test or similar technology was told in other state — Sbebanke. However, further experiments in the local savings and go.

Strictly speaking, in the West as the technology has not caught on too. Although a lot of options for its use. Chip can be incorporated with the imprint of the card, or you can simply install the sensor in the ATM. In the second case, a plastic card may not be necessary at all. However, the PIN can be used for added protection. In September, The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank announced the acquisition of already 18 such ATMs, and this is one of the biggest deals.

By and large, relatively common in Japan or anywhere else except, for example, Singapore, these techniques do not apply. For example, Europe's first ATM scanner "fingers" set in Warsaw. It is clear that there is more to it "exotic". However, gradually with each passing year, the number of orders for such technologies is growing. Perhaps they are the future, and in 10-20 years to get access to your account, I will not put a print or retina to the scanner, really, would be difficult. That's just not worth it to hurry up.

It is clear that the bankers want to get as much information about their customers. But such ATMs road. So buy them will slowly, and even in the capital to be discovered little.

That is, even those who give bankers their fingerprints have to spend most of the transactions in the old way — through the Internet, ATM or POS. But to pay for the use of an additional option will need to complete. Service these customers will be assessed by banks and additional large sum of money.

But the risks are high — the pleasure to see a scan of their fingerprint in the public sale — a bit dubious. Database on borrowers and bankers, customers have quite a wide circulation, and get on the open market on a regular basis.

Should not completely rule out the very sad prospect. Crime situation in many parts of our country is far from ideal. The prospect of just stay in the dark stairwell of money and credit, anyway, anything mile, than to lose even one of the fingers. It is clear that the finger bandits will be useless, but to explain it in extreme conditions, the problem is not simple.

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