Barabashka wake up in the spring




Tatiana of a target (correspondent)

In the spring, except for vitamin deficiency, Muscovites is another danger lurking. According to psychiatrists, after hibernation particularly active rampaging goblins and Barabashka. Our correspondent Tatiana of a target for a time became the Ghostbusters to make sure: is there a poltergeist in fact.

No sensory traps, laser guns or cells to capture the ghosts and goblins. The only weapon seekers poltergeist — a set of mini video cameras. They are set in the apartment of the victim to find out what's going on out there actually. As the head of the Service for Combating poltergeists Andrew Lee, with the arrival of spring the number of calls increases dramatically. Recently the team was checking out to the family, where inexplicably flew and things to self-destruct. The apartment is left not a single intact vases. A cosmetic repairs, according to the household, you could do after every raid unknown forces.
Another contingent tormented by ghosts and evil spirits — pensioners and alcoholics. And elderly people, suffering from his own forgetfulness, blaming the incident on the tricks of brownie or demon who regularly steals their retirement.
During the eight years of practice, Andrew Lee only nine times faced with a really unusual and interesting things. And were it not otherworldly forces or the cast, but the most ordinary people. They are by nature endowed with supernatural powers: without touching the object moves them from the sight of a fire may break out.
People who are really blessed with an unusual gift, there are two ways: to develop your skills further with the help of experts or wind down. But almost all of them have decided that the miracles in their lives should meet only in fairy tales and movies.


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