Became available to the public notes psychiatrist who worked Rudolf Hess

In nepogozhy day June 2, 1941 in an illegal house outside the British Intelligence Service, located in Surrey, came to a military psychiatrist Henry Dicks. It was conducted in a room where Rudolf Hess, who was the third man in the National Socialist German Workers' Party after Hitler and Goering. Management of England was willing to solve the mystery of the human soul, in order to understand the essence of the collective madness that possessed by the Nazi favorites.

Became available to the public notes psychiatrist who worked Rudolf Hess

Hess media were as strong-willed man with a square chin, walking shoulder to shoulder with Hitler. But after talking to Mr. Dix, senior prisoner, which shortly before fled Germany, illusion dispelled. In the not so long ago released by the notes of the doctor said that even at first glance, it was clear to him that there was a schizoid psychopath. His face looked very much like a person tortured animal. In this case, the animal face (erysipelas wolf or monkeys) used to be very enjoyable.

Henry Dicks admits that he was struck by the fact, with what delight Hess and Hitler belonged to England. Special noted that it seems that these people are willing to intimidate the British, but in fact they are afraid of them. They always tried to envy and emulate the British: and the clothes, and accuracy, and a way of life. According to the views of doctors, specifically that the British are a superior race, which the Nazis desperately want to be.

According to the views of Dix, specifically the love of England became the very fact that the May 10, 1941, Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland with an offer of peace. Hitler said he was not fully aware of the plans, and Hess that he only acted on his own behalf, and after a while, announced the coming of its own companion insane. In general, some historians believe that Hitler was in fact very much like the world to the UK recently invading Russian Alliance, not to fight a war on two fronts.

Rudolf Hess was furious. After all replaced in order to meet it as a good will ambassador, Hess sent in a secret jail. He insisted on meeting with a senior person, and on June 10 it came to the Lord Chancellor, Sir John Simon. Before the meeting, both said Dix, Hess was in an alarming state. According to the views of a professional, such behavior is explained unaccountable inferiority complex in relation to the England. After differences Lord Simon offers Hess, Mr. Dix was worried that the patient may lose control of themselves. His fear were not in vain.

After a number of days Hess Dix claimed the meeting in the early afternoon and litsezrev doctor ran to him, flying over the banister. He could break, but broke his leg. In the coming he behaved very surprising at all that charming British psychiatrists. Of particular interest in them has caused caninity Hess Hitler. Perhaps specifically because of this, he held the highest positions, not owning at all it no extraordinary features.

Studying Hess, Dr. Dix, together with his colleagues dreamed of designing program that the German people will be able to heal the disease of Nazism. Many were of the idea that the Germans as a civilization are authoritarian and paranoid militarists who need to recover from a focus on the unconscious form of his father. The essence of the idea was to allow the Germans to get an excellent education at the British standard.

In 1942, Hess was transferred to a military hospital "Meyndiff's Court" located in Abergavenny, where he was held until the end of the war. After that, despite a very weird behavior, he was sentenced at Nuremberg to indefinite detention. Many were of the idea that Hess should be recognized insane. Even Winston Churchill some time later acknowledged that the coming of Hitler ally had to give doctors.

Once in an interview Dix said that anyone who would see Hess, and it never occurred that in his hands was a tremendous power. In the words Dix, at Hess was insignificant view, there was nothing nasty or threatening. In the eyes of psychiatrists he was always insecure man somehow broken lives. If it were not for the status of principal municipal offender, then it would have been made much more.

Hess died at age 93 in 1987 in the German clink "Spandau". The official cause of death is suicide, but strolling the rumors that he was killed by Western intelligence agencies as well as MS Gorbachev was not against the old man's pardon. Bullpen, where he was Hess, was demolished all his records and personal belongings were destroyed.

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