Because of the drought severely became shallow lake in China


Nanchang, January 4 / Xinhua / — The area of the Poyang Lake — China's largest freshwater lake, has decreased to less than 200 square kilometers due to drought. This was reported in the hydrological management of Jiangxi Province.

Data published by the Office, show that the average amount of precipitation in Jiangxi province in 2011 was 21 percent below the average level recorded over the past few years.

Poyang Lake in fall five rivers in Jiangxi province. It connects with the largest river in China, the Yangtze.

Now the water level is the middle and lower reaches of the river Kan — one of the five rivers that flow into the Poyang, already crossed the lowest in the history of the mark — 12.35 meters, 0.47 meters lower than the previous record.

City on the banks of the river Kan may suffer from a lack of water, reported in the above office.

Source: Russian.News.Cn

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