Because of the oil spill on the Angara killed fauna. Video


14.05.12.Posledstviya will be a few years. Because of diesel fuel spill on the Angara killed wild ducks. Scientists believe that the settlement is in danger of herons, gulls and cormorants.
Wild ducks are victims of environmental disaster. These frames are sent to us by people Usolye district. Filmed in ten days after the Angara poured hundreds of tonnes of diesel fuel. Before the accident, there was a favorite with many sandy beach.


Reagents mixed with diesel fuel. The dead birds — they are over a mile counted ten. And almost at the water's edge along the entire coast of the dark band. From a distance can be taken as sand or gravel, but if you look closely you see is the crustaceans. A favorite fish food.

— Here bormysh dead.

We asked experts to comment. First of all, those who for many years of his life devoted to the study of birds.

— The damage to the wild, there is no doubt. On the Angara River is the migration route of migratory birds, they fly quite a lot. And of course, all of this disaster should affect on wildlife. The picture that we see, it certainly is not just shocking, shocking. Found on the bank of the Angara Gammarus huge number of dead, the whole coast is literally littered with them, eats crustaceans fish poisoning occurs with oil products, well, and then suffers a bird, — the chairman of the Irkutsk Regional Branch of Russian Bird Conservation Union Victor Popov.

Downstream Sheds — in Balaganskaya region is a colony-settlement herons, gulls nest in the same place, recently settled cormorants. Now they are at risk, certain ornithologists.

The regional government established a working group in the aftermath of the accident. Control and monitor assigned to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

— Well, frankly speaking this is a terrible picture of the environmental terms for our clear rivers. And it is clear that we have a problem in the Ust-Ilim reservoir, Bratsk reservoir, where there is a delay of. And natural ability to cleanse itself of the river, it is certainly there is worsening. Therefore, the load for the river is very serious. I think you'd be a few years yet to observe the consequences of the accident — said Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Irkutsk region Nina Abarinova.

Today, experts have started work in Balaganskaya area. There will place booms to protect access to oil spills in the Bratsk reservoir and water intake trinnadtsati Balagansk district. They ispolzut water from underground of sources, but in this situation requires a wholly-owned security. The official report of dead birds have been recorded, simply because no one in these findings the study did not give up. Environmentalists are asked to refer to them all who detects this on the bank of Angara.

Video here zanykat

By Elena Malyshkina

Source: Lead Irkutsk , Lead Novosibirsk

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