Belarus on reservoirs were wintering birds. Video


28.01.12.Na open areas of water bodies and the surrounding Minsk stayed for the winter hundreds of waterfowl. In total, according to experts, the annual winter waters of Belarus for more than five thousand birds.

Since the reservoir Krynica, which is part of the eponymous state biological reserve, the spillway of the dam home to many ducks, about six dozen swans. With the increasing environmental services frost fed birds, the birds come and help citizens of Minsk.

"Every year on the reservoirs of Belarus remain to winter over five thousand water birds — told BelaPAN the head of the public organization "APB ptushak Fatherland" Victor Fenchuk — whereas 20-30 years ago, these were isolated cases. The birds are well adapted for the winter, the limiting factor for them is the availability of food and the presence of an open hole in the ice. On reservoirs Minsk enough places that do not freeze during the winter. "

According Fenchuk, the situation in the capital's waters under control. From dressing wintering waterfowl do not need to rush, the researchers noted. It should be started when the temperature drops to minus 15 degrees, and there are services that will help the swans when necessary.

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Source: Belarusian News

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