Berezniki Perm region formed another failure

Karst holes

Place a new failure fenced. Photo: Forum

4.12.11.Segodnya Berezniki Perm region formed a failure in a non-functioning building Berezniki mine construction management (BSHSU).

According to some, the failure diameter — about 15 meters. Left in place emergency specialists of "Uralkali" and EMERCOM. Place the funnel formation of a new fenced and cordoned off. Soon the press service of the Berezniki promises to publish official information about the incident.

Formation of new scientists predicted the failure of "Galurgiya" and Mining Institute of Sciences. Studies have shown a potentially dangerous site, located 400 meters from the crater-strewn, non-functioning of the building near Berezniki mine construction management (BSHSU).

— This area is characterized by high sedimentation rate, focused on the local area — said at the end of November in the "BRIC". — According to the recommendations of scientific institutes defined danger zone, which is sealed off and protected from the spring of 2011. People's access to the area is prohibited. All the nearest production and transportation facilities, including rail, are at a distance from the area of subsidence in the area of risk do not fall. In 2011, on this site are regularly conducted research: JSC "Galurgiya" and Mining Institute RAS perform weekly analysis of the situation.

Scientists, in turn, is confident that the new crater will be compared to the "baby" just "crumbs" and does not present any danger.

— We believe that at this point will simply settling the surface within three or four meters, — says Arkady Grinberg. — There are large as our "baby", the new funnel reaches!

— We agree that the scope of a possible new craters would be significantly smaller, — says Igor Sanfirov, deputy director of the Mining Institute, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. — But the fears, to our knowledge, may be related to the fact that the area of subsidence is not localized within the first 10-20 meters, and will spread further.

Recall, 25 November 2011, the administration of Berezniki and JSC "Uralkali reported on filling the funnel at the railway station Berezniki, which measures 123 by 70 meters. By 2013 it is planned to build a railway station and resume work.

Ilya Izotov

Source: Russian newspaper

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