Berezniki revealed three aftershocks. Video

Karst holes

22.02.12.Seysmicheskie post in the village of Romanov and Solikamsk recorded three underground point occurred in the forest, 300 meters from the village and Zyrianka Nartovka in suburban Bereznikov.Mestnye residents reported in the MOE that is heard a lot of noise, varying soil.

Third the size of a battery failure BSHSU — 89 to 85 meters. Photo:

At the scene, immediately left the head Berezniki Sergey Dyakov, rescue workers and representatives of the mining company. However, since the events took place in the dark, directly to the place shocks no one approached.

Now forest near Nartovki Zyryanka and surrounded by police, there to keep out the curious citizens. Threats to the safety of residents yet.

According to "WP" in the administration of Berezniki, in ground motion is downcast carnallite workings "BRIC". Usually right after the cessation of production of carnallite mine laying, but this underground void left unencumbered for technological reasons.

Also tonight underground noise and tremors have been recorded near the former coal mine management, which is the largest in Berezniki underground failure.

Now head Berezniki and Emergency Situations Ministry overflew the scene by helicopter to assess the consequences. Night at a meeting of the Administration Committee of Emergency Situations.

According to Alexander Baryakh, director of the Mining Institute UB RAS, which was notified of the incident, in the worst scenario, the soil can fall only four meters, as is the height of the ventilation shaft.

Help "WG"

The first failure occurred in Berezniki in 2007 in technical salt factory, the second — in 2010, near the railway station "Berezniki." Failure near the railway station liquidated in November 2011, its territory is still being monitored. In addition, in early February of this year in the area of non-functional administrative building in a place that BSHSU second failure formed another cavity dimensions 18 by 20 meters. According to recent data, its size — 89 to 85 meters. The level of the water in the cup is an absolute mark of 108.70 meters. Within the site north of the crater formation ABA BSSHU continues with the complex monitoring studies, measures to increase the security fenced.

Constantine Bakharev

Source: Russian newspaper

22/02/12 On the road Perm Berezniki suggest limiting to 40 km / h

With the proposal to the Ministry of Transport asked the traffic police Berezniki edge and Kochevsky areas.

The Perm Territory will consider imposing speed limits on highways "Perm-Berezniki" and "Kudymkar-Gainy." On road sections with high accident invited to set a speed limit of 40 km / h, according to news agency "Text."

With the onset of warm season the Ministry of Transport of the Perm Territory planned together with the traffic police check on the problem areas to determine the optimal speed limit.

In this case, the regional Ministry of Transport is doubtful whether slowing in some areas up to this minimum, as not all of the proposed road police centers accidents fall in performance under this concept.

Now highways Perm and Berezniki Kudymkar-Gainy set speed limits according to the SDA. However, in the reports of accidents and road Berezniki Kochevsky areas appear regularly, month after month. This year's high-profile casualty was on the track Berezniki Perm, which killed five people.

Messages with Berezniki forum:

Posted Today, 12:30

Flew the helicopter (governor?) Met the whole convoy.
What the earthquake was at night in Zyryanka-Nartovki?

Posted Today, 12:39

And yesterday afternoon with the south-west of the city center was heard series deaf "boom-uh." As a very distant explosions, or distant thunder. 4-5 in a few seconds.

yudzhen (February 22, 2012 — 12:48)

Today at 17.00 will be a message on the failure to Nartovke. There 4 a shaft failure. The post will be on the government.

Posted 15 minutes ago

Called the man who lived in the immediate vicinity of the ventilation shaft (he is the 4th?). Shocks did not feel kipezh night was — cars drove up and down …

Posted @ provocations torsha 16 minutes ago

Also rattled the person worked in the MOE, confirmed tremors in Zyryanka / Nartovki, but about the fact that the 4th barrel fell knows anything … (or does not want to talk about?) Also said smaller cheat yourself ….. Based BSHSU also like all is calm, working at this time ….

Posted Lebed_pisanny 8 minutes ago

Yesterday walk the dog on the first pond in the 20-00/20-30 — drew attention to the hum coming from Zyryanka. I thought someone let fireworks, but there was no outbreak. Very surprised this buzz (intermittent), there was even a little bit scary (after all, we were on the ice in the middle of the pond).

22.02.12.V Berezniki, an extraordinary meeting of the CSF

The cause of the extraordinary meeting of the Commission on the Prevention and Emergency Response, February 22 was an emergency situation.

The evening of 21 February, in the One-duty dispatchers city received several phone calls from residents of Berezniki, feel the vibrations the earth's surface, accompanied by the roar of unknown origin. At the same time, seismic post located in a. Romanov and Solikamsk, there have been three seismic events lokalizumye presumably near the former mine shaft number 4 Mine 1 OJSC "Uralkali".

Recall: after the accident at Mine 1 in October 2006, scientists from the Mining Institute, Ural Branch of RAS and JSC "Galurgiya" identified potentially dangerous zones in places mining of carnallite beds. Since carnallite has a high degree of dissolution, the flooding of carnallite beds could result, according to experts, sudden surface subsidence. For this reason, we note, it was decided to urgently settle the 29-year residents of apartment buildings, located in the so-called zone of carnallite. Carnallite mining was conducted in the area of the shaft number 4 and, in part, suburban towns and Zyrianka Nartovka.

Arkady Grinberg, Director General of "Galurgiya:

'This is one of the potential sites, which is under the supervision of practically from the flooding of the mine. According to recent observations of any anomalies in this region were found. But, nevertheless, there was a production of carnallite, and at the time of flooding of the mine had not been completed backfill work. Therefore, we consider it as potentially dangerous. Today, nothing is happening here. This is indicated by all the measurements that are made. "

According to the rules of EDDS, information about seismic events was given chapter Berezniki and specialists of OJSC "Uralkali", who immediately went to the site of the alleged incident. Because of the night time to make a detailed exploration area was difficult. It was decided to explore the area in the morning, and before that to check the condition of roads and the roads in the villages and to block their exits in the direction of the alleged dangerous area.

February 22 experts of MES and the Mining Institute, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences visited the territory in the area of the shaft number four from a helicopter. Surface subsidence, holes, cracks, etc. experts have found, after which it was decided to avoid this area on foot, including in order to determine where to install additional equipment to seysmokontrolya. Simultaneously was explored territory in the north of the building collapse BSHSU ABA, which also found no apparent changes.

Baryakh Alexander, director of the Mining Institute, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences:

"Trigger seismological equipment was recorded on a regional seismic in Romanov closest to Berezniki. Azimuth shows the direction to Zyryanka. Naturally, this site has caused us concern. This morning we flew over the area and the rest in a helicopter. No visible symptoms and negative trends have been recorded. In the course of the day was to study the information of our other regional seismic stations. It also showed the drawdown. Through the data processing epicenter of this seismic event was outside of the city of Berezniki, and far beyond. "

As stressed at the meeting of the head of CSF Berezniki Sergey Dyakov-what bereznikovtsy "heard" echoes of the events and reported them to the EDDS indicates readiness of people to emergency situations.

Sergey Dyakov, head Berezniki:

"It's good that people have recorded strange vibrations and called the EDDS. This suggests that all is under observation. Urban traffic control and FEMA worked properly and promptly. If indeed there is some alarming situation, we were able to quickly deal with it. What do we do next? In addition to the monitoring system put in Zyryanka seismic to have more information. Online data processing are distant seismic Russia, which can show the area, region, area, where there was a seismic event, the "echo" is heard in our city. Of course, we learn its nature. In the meantime, I think the main thing that together we were able to understand the situation, and thus did not give turn hearsay. "

In the near future on the perimeter of the danger zone will be put up guard posts. No houses, no communication with the next plot no. Threat to the residents there.

Contact: Tate. / fax: (3424) 26 40 25;; E-mail: — press service of Berezniki


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