Bershad poultry processing plant increased its production by 20%

In April-Juneptitsekombinat "Bershad"(P. Voytovka, Bershad district, Cherkasy region) increased production by 20.39% or 0,436 tons to 2,574 thousand compared to the same period in 2012.


This is evidenced by the data provided by a representative of the enterprise, transfer"Ukrainian News".

Compared with the first quarter, production increased by 11.57%, or 0,267 thousand tonn.V particularly in the second quarter the company increased production of meat for 15.53%, or 0,323 tonnes to 2,403 tonnes of sausage products 2.7%, or 1 ton to 38 tons, produced 127 tons of by-products and reduced production of canned 71.43%, or 15 tons to 6 tons.

According to the representative, output growth is associated with an increase in demand for Poultry Processing Plant.

In January-June, poultry processing plant produced 4,881 tons of meat products, which is 21.63% or 0,868 tons more than in the 1st half of 2012.

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