Best combat helmet gives fighter pilots X-ray vision

Best combat helmet gives fighter pilots X-ray vision
The ordinary plane, usually need to target was immediately in sight of the pilot and in sight of the aircraft. In other words, the machine need to bring about in the direction of the goal for which you want to shoot. But in the case of the new Eurofighter Typhoon, the pilot can release a few cruise missiles at targets approaching from any direction at least, thanks to the super-tech helmet, which connects directly with his eyes electric brain aircraft.

All these bumps on the back of the helmet, which you can build on the photo — it’s infrared LEDs. Trehsensornaya system above the pilot’s head orientation of their dogs, and treat it like the angle and direction of sight of the pilot. External detectors plane and its weapon systems follow gaze pilot in real time, allowing him to notice, stalk, capture and shoot at the target using only a few eyes and voice commands.

Moreover, the information gathered from the outer detectors aircraft, coupled with critical technical data such as speed, course and altitude — also can be projected directly on the visor pilot who looks like a 40-degree binocular screen.

And in the end, the system is most true X-ray vision. This is the best guidance system that exists today.

Best combat helmet gives fighter pilots X-ray vision

1. Nasal radar Typhoon pinpoint enemy plane, hidden from the pilot fuselage.

2. System warns the driver and displays the picture plane on his visor as he tilts his head down to see the target. This is done by tracking the infrared LED lights on his helmet.

3. Then the pilot can give a voice command for target tracking automatic weapon system.

4. If at the moment when he first intended purpose, it occurs because of a shoulder second, it is quite easy to translate a new look at the opponent and give the command to its tracking. It can even set the value between with 2 goals or bring both barrels on one of them.

«This is a great achievement in terms of combat capability, and it gives Typhoon pilots a significant advantage in a dogfight,» says chief test pilot Mark Bowman.

Eurofighter Typhoon — is a twin-engine jet aircraft developed by Germany, Britain, Italy and Spain for the past 30 years, and in the service since 2003. Last changed Tranche 3 aircraft, which cost 90 million euros, and is thereby a helmet at the moment passes and finishing tests to be delivered to the airfields in Europe (and some of Near East) later this year.

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