Bigfoot roams the Chelyabinsk region

The Chelyabinsk region was a rumor that Bigfoot again began to show itself. Earlier, his appearance was noted in the area of the village Peter and Paul Fortress, and now with him near the village of October confronted the young shepherd.

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At the end of the day is going to drive away a herd, a young man suddenly saw a huge, humanoid, furry creature. By bringing in a fist all available courage, the guy is — still drove a herd of home and already, then collapsed to the floor, unconscious.

Earlier, the Yeti is also seen near the cows, though the distance between him and the man was much larger. It happened near the village of Kaskinovo. Here, residents graze cattle at a time, preferring not to use the services of seasonal workers. On that day, all the flock had the lead forester Azat Hazhievu.
Already being on the field, a hundred meters away from him, he saw a tall figure and took him for a rider. However, if you look closely, he saw two legs. A creature with dark brown hair height of 2.5 m, large spurts moved along the edge of the field.

The shepherd tried unsuccessfully to catch up with the creature on his six, but that was gone. Subsequently, combing the area, Azat found maturation four by four meters, despite the fact that the largest two-meter bear leaves.
According to his description of the essence of this "other world" from which even visually proceeded bone-cold.

Locals argue that Bigfoot could lead to the human world. At the same opinions vary, some say he was kicked out forest fires. Others object to it, citing the lack of direct attacks on people and livestock in the event of imminent terrestrial origin being. In this case leave no doubt in the fact that it appears from another dimension, time after time, leaving a loss, the phenomenon of people studying it.

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