Billionaire Paul Allen donated money to SETI




Billionaire Paul Allen, who, along with Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has donated 13.5 million dollars to build a radio telescope, which will search for intelligent aliens in space.
Allen, considered one of the richest men in the world, not for the first time spending money on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. A big fan of science fiction, three years ago, he has already donated the California Institute of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) $ 11.5 million for the construction of a radio telescope to search for extraterrestrial signals. Now he paid another 13.5 million to complete the first two phases of construction "Allen Telescope Array" (Allen Telescope System) (ATA). ATA should be ready by 2010 and will consist of a total of 350 plates, each 6.1 meters in diameter.

One of the advantages of the ATA, according to the head of the Institute of Thomas Pearson, is that it will be able to work long before the completion of all works. The first observations can be made when there will be a 32 antenna — which should happen by the end of this year. After that date will have a large number of antennas than any other radio telescope of the world in the centimeter range. ATA, according to Pearson, is a universal radio telescope that will not only look for signals from other civilizations, but also be able to look into the past, in the earliest phase of the youth and the emergence of the first stars.

"I am excited that I support one of the most fantastic projects in the world that is looking for answers to some fundamental questions about our universe and the existence of other civilizations, — says Paul Allen. — I'm a big proponent of the use of revolutionary technique for solving important scientific problems. ATA decisive affect the way in which radio telescopes will be in the future. instrument of this scale will expand our knowledge of the origin of the universe and our place in it. "


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