«Boeing» has tested missiles microwave CHAMP

TSAMTO November 7. Company «Boeing» has announced a landfill «Utah» in the criteria, close to the fighting, missile tests made under programs from CHAMP (project improved rockets with a massive microwave emitter for controlling radio-electronic means).
During the test, the missile CHAMP (Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project), flying on mortgaged program that generated the massive energy pulses excellent disabling electrical subsystem and destroying data without causing physical damage.

CHAMP rocket showed the ability to produce selective and carefully calculated attack on multiple targets within the 1st Flight, using a powerful microwave emitter HPM (High-powered microwave). Watching the flight was made with the airbase «Hill.»

CHAMP candidate should be non-lethal weapons systems kinetic acts and conventional weapons, explosive offense when attacking enemy targets, equipment electronic equipment. Rocket allows incapacitate object damaging its electronics and causing physical harm to a small side-district placement.

According to managing applets in «Boeing Phantom Works’ Keith Coleman developed marks the latest development in the era of modern warfare. In the not to distant future, it may be used for the decommissioning of electrical equipment and information systems without the introduction of enemy aircraft and ground forces.

Agreement to develop the project CHAMP was concluded with «Boeing» in April 2009. Three-year contract price of 38 million dollars as part of a technology demonstration applets includes conducting ground and flight testing of ammunition in order to reduce risks in the development and introduction of configurations as needed in the concept of its implementation.

According to the statement «Boeing», the project is an adaptation of the U.S. Air Force laboratory developed directed energy technology platform company made missiles and will be the basis for the creation of a new family of high-performance non-lethal weapons systems act.

Acting as main contractor, «Boeing» manufactures air platform and produces the final integration of all systems. The company «Raytheon» put microwave radiation source HPM, and State Key Laboratory «Sandia» provides under a separate contract with the Research Laboratory of the U.S. Air Force supply system supply.

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