Bright lights in the sky over Arizona, Nevada and California. Video


15.09.11.Yarkie lights in the sky over Arizona, Nevada and California, seen last night, could be fragments of asteroids. The first official statement NASA representative Don Yeomens made 8 hours after reports of strange lights.

— We can not say with absolute certainty, but it is likely that the object was a fireball or very bright meteor the size of a basketball or baseball that likely burned before landing — said Yeomens.

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, the Americans from Las Vegas to the California coast could see a bright green, red, orange and yellow objects that are moving at high speed across the sky from west to east.

UFO reports have appeared in Twitter about 3 am (MSK) and caused panic among the residents of the east coast.

— I saw a lot of red objects from my window in Phoenix, as well as green and blue! — Wrote one user. — It was great! Green lights and then decline rapidly burned.

American ufologists have already state that it could be alien ships as part of the lights flew directly over the famous military base "Area 51", next to Las Vegas.

Representative of the National Weather Service Curt Kaplan said that to them were many reports about the fires:

— All the evidence suggests that it was a small object falling from a great height. This sort of thing happens about once a year or once every few years.

Points of light in the sky over the United States are not uncommon. The last time a UFO was spotted recently — September 12 of this year — in the state of Michigan. Three red object moving at high speed, forming a triangle and making a low noise.

Maxim Golovanov

Source: Life News Online

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