Brought to Moscow UFO wreckage




In the Far East, the space probe crashed extraterrestrial origin. This event took place in front of hundreds of people: rock, which crashed UFOs, standing right in the city Dal'negorsk.

About eight o'clock in the evening 29 January 1986 flying at a tangent to the Earth spherical body touched the top of the hill 611. Witnesses saw the explosion, but had not heard him sound. The glow of the fire was odd: the blue light was kept about one and half hours.

At first, the locals felt that the hill accidentally hit a missile war. But it turned out that the shooting at this time did not spend any of our or foreign armed forces.

After a few days in the place of the fall of the celestial body stood a group of searchers Far Eastern Branch of the Academy of Sciences led by Dr. Valeri Brier. They collected melted stones, sintered metal particles, and sent for analysis.

The results of studies that had then in Tomsk and St Petersburg, struck scientists.


In the ruins of a celestial body attended many of the elements of the periodic table. The alloy was so hard that it can be cut only diamond tool. And he behaved very strange: some metals in the study were replaced by others. After melting in vacuo spectral analysis found no previously present in the sample of gold, silver and nickel. But instead they got titanium and molybdenum!

Scientists have not been able then to explain the reasons for this transformation and called her devilish. But the big surprise was to come. It turned out that some of the debris is present striking mesh structure. It is woven from the finest, only seventeen microns thick, carbon and metallic threads. And they consist of twisted fibers into bundles. And among them there are the gold wire.

Repeat manufacturing technology mesh, or at least to explain why and how it is done, then the researchers could not. Not to write off the puzzle for aliens, have suggested that crashed was an American unit. And the mesh — a product of high technology.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union from a height of 611 samples were provided by foreign scientists — the British, the Americans, the Japanese. They were allowed to go to the crash site, allowed a video. Valery Brier, at the invitation of Americans visited the United States in an attempt to understand the origin of the "bloody reticula." U.S. scientists disown: such can not do in the United States. And we decided that this "high-tech product KGB."

State security

KGB really was involved in a crash at an altitude of 611, but only indirectly. The staff of the Far Eastern Territorial Administration conducted its own investigation of events.

The reason for the investigation were rumors that flooded Dal'negorsk in 1986-87. Residents of the city said that the military have a new weapon.

While in the vicinity of Dalnegorsk were seen thirty three unidentified flying object. They hovered above the height of 611, its rays illuminated the spotlight, causing interference to TV broadcasting and failures in communication lines. In addition to civilian UFO seen guards and crews of the two ships. Membership of these flying balls, plates, cylinders, cigars KGB could not be established. The public was told that this is only "atmospheric phenomena" and the case was closed.

Border guards

About the catastrophe at an altitude of 611 chose to forget everything. But at the beginning of this year in the Far East, an event occurred which led scientists to go there again.

In the area of responsibility of Nakhodka frontier was fixed arrival of UFOs. The object was observed with outposts "Kamenka" twenty-five kilometers east of Dal'negorsk. According to the border guards, it has taken off from the rear, on the landward side. The shape of the UFO looked like a huge triangle with six engines. He moved silently, hovering over the sea and the land. The object was observed about a half hour, and then he was gone. On it was notified higher command.

Expedition "Kosmopoisk" urgently flew to the Far East. Its members have interviewed witnesses — the staff of the outpost and locals.

Managed to find physical evidence of the visit UFOs — in the vicinity of the outpost local fishermen discovered a strange slag. Amazingly, he is one to one similar to the one that was found Valery Brier in 1986 in the field of previous visits by UFOs. These melts are found only on the tops of mountains and just follow the track of unidentified vehicles. Including the direction of flight UFO that crashed at an altitude of 611. Analysis showed that the slag extracted from the rare earth metals, and this is done at a temperature of about two-thousand degrees.


The expedition re-examined the height of 611 and recorded a strong anomaly after the UFO crash there is magnetized even silicon!

— We climbed the hill together with Valery Brier, says expedition leader Vadim Chernobrov. — Taken about thirty kilograms of various samples. This fused metal particles scorched explosion pieces of wood, stones. Along with the materials that were once there Brier collected immediately after the disaster, they are delivered to Moscow. To be objective, they are studied in several research centers. The primary analysis leads to a sensational conclusion: this should not be a natural disaster and not a product of terrestrial technologies. In Dalnegorsk at an altitude of only 611 exist in the world reliably known landing alien object.

Expedition "Kosmopoisk" re-interviewed witnesses, calculated the trajectory and speed of the Dalnegorsky UFO. The object was flying at a speed of the car, about fifty miles an hour, from the south-west to north-east. He did not hit a rock, but only touched the edge. But without destroying it, just lost part of the body and flew off into the abyss.

Vadim Chernobrov suggests that the disaster itself was not likely, it's a hard landing. And visit "squadron" of UFOs in Dal'negorsk year later can be explained by the search for the missing and the evacuation of the probe.

According to Valery Brier, UFO Dal'negorsk attracts a unique field of rare-earth metals. If so, you should wait for another visit …



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