Bulgaria. Frogs fall from the sky in Yambol



7.06.12.Kak said "scandalous", in the village of yambolskom Botevo recorded unusual — fall from the sky hundreds of frogs.

Amphibians jump in yards, on roads, on rooftops. Local people are baptized, many of them speak about the beginning of the end of World …

Along with the fact that in the last thirty days or so, earthquake, flood, collapse of the church, an attack on people rabid crow invasion of snakes and cockroaches, hail the size of a hen's egg, and now frogs falling from the sky — all somehow really annoying . And many are beginning to see this as a sign of God.

The impression is that God (Nature) wants something hard to convey to people organizing to attack the same areas (in Bulgaria). And people stubbornly refuse to understand and try to explain everything rationally, rather than take action …

Source: Bulgaria news on-line

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