Bulgaria. In the Black Sea afraid of a sea dragon


14.08.11.Kak reports Snews.bg, biologists are alarmed previously harmless fish under the formidable name of "Sea Dragon" suddenly become poisonous to people, just a shot of spines on its back.

The more it is dangerous because of its population in the Black Sea over the last few years has increased by 10 times.

On the Bulgarian coast for the summer season were about 100 cases of destruction of people by sea dragon. In Burgas was a case where the hospital brought the British teenager vacationing in Sunny Beach, which was swollen with numb hands and feet, unable to speak, around the mouth foam. First, doctors suggested that teenage alcohol poisoning, but alcohol was detected. When the guy was able to speak, he told the doctor about the strange fish and prick her spine.

Source: Bulgaria news on-line

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