Bumpy roads in the Murmansk region repaired using new technologies

The track Cola — Murmashi until today considered one of the most broken in the area. Mass of complaints from drivers, but now there is hope that all in the past. The renovation of this section of the road using the latest technology — cold recycling. Over 30 million rubles bought a special machine.

Only with the help of the old coating can be milled, grind it, mix with a binder, spread the mixture evenly for subsequent rolling, thus eliminating all the road imperfections, and to ensure that the blade profile has received the required smoothness, evenness. As a result, will improve traffic safety.
Start of repair will affect the most problematic 6 kilometers area. Completion date — October 15. It is possible that next year will continue to work well on the new technology, because it saves time and money. 
According to Director General of the Criminal Code "Murmansk road management" Stanislaus Kolikova: "In this case we save on material. Use the old stuff, add to it and get the emulsion on the properties of virtually the same asphalt

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