Buryatia in seismic zone


1.01.11.Po data EMERCOM Russia's Irkutsk region in the next three months, high-risk areas — is the central Baikal — Academic Ridge, Holy Nose, Selenga delta, village Turk. The intensity at the center may reach six points. In general, more likely to moderate increase of seismic activity mainly in the central lake

On the southwestern flank of the Baikal rift zone are expected magnitude — 4.6 ± 0.5. Areas of moderate potential hazard: central segment of the Main Sayan Fault zone, mainly the middle part Tunka depression, its northern mountainous rim, southwest Busiyngolskoy zone activation. Possible intensity in the epicenter — up 6.5 points.

In north-eastern flank of the magnitude can reach — 5.1 ± 0,5 in the areas between the bridge and the Lower Angara Barguzin basin and between basins Muya and Chara, outside of North-, north-eastern mountainous rim Chara basin. Possible intensity in the epicenter — up to seven points, according Baykal24.

Baikal Daily

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