By the Earth is flying 100-meter asteroid

March 8, 2013. Asteroid 2013 ET the size of a 35-storey building will fly past Earth on March 9

New asteroid, received index 2013 EC20, was found on March 7 American project to find asteroids "Catalina". Scientists estimate that the celestial body size which ranges from 3 to 12 meters in 06.41 MSK on March 9 will fly past Earth at a distance of 135,000 kilometers (measured from the center of the planet).

Asteroid 2013 ET, size which ranges from 45 to 140 meters, 16.09 in the 972 fly MSK thousands of miles from the center of the planet (this distance — 2.5 times greater than the distance from Earth to the Moon). Astronomers at NASA's planetary radar at Goldstone, plan to hold a probing asteroid.

And on Friday will fly past Earth asteroid more — 2009 EM1, the size of which is between 49-160 meters. However, this "date" will be much less "close": at 22.04 MSK it is located 18 million miles from Earth, or 48 times on the moon.

In addition, scientists have recently discovered asteroid 2013 ET11 in size from 16 to 49 meters, which on March 16 will fly past Earth at a distance of 15 times on the moon, as well as the 2013 EQ4, ranging in size from 49 to 160 meters, which will fly at a distance of 1 April to 27 times on the moon.

Excitement around the potential disaster associated with the collision of the planet with the cosmic body, appeared after the explosion of a meteorite over Chelyabinsk. Large car entered the Earth's atmosphere at a speed of 64,000 kilometers per hour. The cosmic body exploded at a height of 19 to 24 kilometers above the Urals. Power of the explosion was estimated at NASA, from 300 to 500 kilotons.

Many wondered, why tracking system for outer space did not help to predict the appearance of a meteorite. Experts have suggested that the meteorite came from the Sun and from the Earth to see these objects is almost impossible.

The experts expressed the need to establish a system of protection against asteroids. "Starting to create the system is now, so you do not bite your elbows and do not be late for this kind of danger to civilization", — said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

Head of the Laboratory of Meteoritics, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Mikhail Nazarov said earlier, "Voice of Russia" and that "about such an event killed the dinosaurs." He noted, that "the dinosaurs were not able to defend themselves," and expressed the hope that "we will be able to develop some means of protection against falls of large cosmic bodies."

Some bloggers, linking the incident in Chelyabinsk with other "cosmic event" — approach to Earth asteroid 2012 DA14, even suggested that in the near future Humanity is waiting for doomsday, prophetic calling the American disaster movies.

Meanwhile, experts have condemned "mass hysteria" that began after the fall of the meteorite. According to scientists, every month in the atmosphere of small explosions occur cars, with energies up to 300 tons of TNT, once every ten years — about 50 kilotons of TNT. Scientists remember Kunashak meteorite explosion over Chelyabinsk in 1949, which caused no fear of doomsday.

Source: Voice of America

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