Candles purchased outside the church are not pleasing to God


I do not understand something, why candles purchased outside of the church is not pleasing to God? As priests it can argue? They are God personally say about this? Candle or not the same is not lit?

I have come to the conclusion that the church is not a church for salvation, and an international corporation on pumping money from citizens. Coming up with new PR campaign for luring customers. So soon there will be priests managers. Church services will be sold. advertising, as once Coffin advertise their coffins. The coffin, even the slogan was: "These coffins, you will fit without dieting and aerobics."

So the church will advertise, post the price list:
1. Wedding — 10 000;
2. Baptism — 5000 rubles.;
3. Funeral — 2500 rubles;
4. Remembrance — 200 rubles per capita;
5. Zamalivanie sins — $ 100 / day;
6. Confession — 50 rubles / minute, etc.

Is the church should not without help? Did ordinary people and so do not give donations? And if the Church is paying taxes if this is a business?

I do not understand. Faith in God is. No faith in the church.


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