Cannon century. The best armor

Weapons century.  Better armored vehicles

The most famous armored car: Austin 50HP

Country: England
Released: 1915
Length: 4900 mm
Combat weight: 5,3 t
Engine: in-line 4-cylinder
Austin, 50 hp
The highest speed: 60 km / h
Crew: 4-5 people.

A fiery speech Lenin spoke with an armored car, but with what exactly — there is a series of disputes and hesitation.

Legend has it that after the speech armored car "Austin Putilovets" has been carefully preserved as a "steel platform leader." But on a pedestal in front of Leningrad museum armored car appeared only in 1939. And where was the famous armored car from 1917 to 1939? .. And second, in March 1917, no "Austin-Putilov" has not been: on historical data, the first bronekuzov Putilov plant delivered to the British landing gear only in the late summer of the same year. Because Lenin spoke, most likely with the British Austin 50HP, staged in Russia before the revolution.

In 1914, in Russia there was an obvious lack of armored vehicles. A request for the supply of armored cars was sent to England. The requirements were are ordinary: the complete book, the two arms of the tower. Austin Motor Company on the Russian request has developed and the creation of light armored vehicles ("Austin" of the 1st series). Armored car based on the chassis of a passenger, had wood wheels with pneumatic tires, armor, 3.5-4 mm wide and two machine gun "Maxim" as weapons. The crew consisted of four people: the commander, driver, two riflemen. In September, Russia had shipped the first 48 cars. After the first combat experience, which showed the vulnerability of the armored car, "Austin" altered, partly providing them with 7-mm armor. The main neuvvyazkami were low-powered engine (30 hp), rather weak chassis and low permeability of the car. As a result, in March of 1915 in Russia was placed 2nd series "Austin" (60 cars) on the chassis of 1.5-ton truck with a massive engine Austin 50 hp. Brand new car accelerates to 50 km / h on the highway and not dreaded potholes. Later was ordered and the third series with yet another set of modifications.

Russian armored car on the chassis was designed by the British in 1916, but his run in the series did not have time. Only in the summer of 1917 the first Putilov armored chassis "Austin" was released. It differed from the English placement of towers: they are located on iskosok that allows both to conduct fire machine guns in every direction. It should be noted that the title of "Putilovets" — the people, they were officially title "Russian Austin" or "Austin Putilov."
On arms "Russian Austin" were right up to 1931.
It was only thanks to the legend of Lenin came to our times real "Russian Austin" in wonderful condition.

Weapons century.  Better armored vehicles

The most heavy tank "Maus", Panzerkampfwagen VIII

Country: Germany
First benchmark: 1944
Length: 10 200 mm
Combat weight: 188 t
Engine: Daimler-Benz MB 509, 1080 hp (First instance), Daimler-Benz MB 517, 1,200 hp (Second copy)
The highest speed: 19 km / h
Crew: 6 people.

Despite the amusing title (German Maus-«mouse"), this tank — the most grievous of all ever built, his fighting weight of 188t. Work on it began in Germany in 1942, Hitler's personal orders, and by 1943 the project was ready, and in the winter of the same year to the tests done first layout "Mouse" with a wood tower and partly installed armor. Project team famous office: Krupp, Daimler-Benz, Siemens (any responsibility for their own area of work) and the main designer was Ferdinand Porsche himself. In 1944, the first model was already equipped with one hundred percent, the construction of the second. Huge fighting vehicle length 10.2 m (gun forward) was equipped with a 128-mm gun KwK44 / 2 L/61, which had no analogues in the effective firing range and armor penetration. However, in battle, none of 2-built "Mouse" role has not received: in 1945, during the retreat of the Germans themselves have undermined both machines. All the same, their remains were taken to the Soviet Union, where they were assembled from a "Mouse." Now it is kept in the museum of armored Kubinka.

Weapons century.  Better armored vehicles

The most massive military tractor: MT-LB

Country: USSR
Adopted: 1964
Length: 6399-6509 mm
Combat weight: 9.7 tons (12.2 laden)
Engine: JMZ-238V, 240 hp
The highest speed of 61.5 km / h
Crew: 2 people. +11 (Troopers)

Russian amphibious armored MT-LB (light armored multi-purpose tractor), put into service in 1964, has become one of the most massive military trucks in the world. He was armed with more than 25 armies in the world, and now in the Russian army is several thousand MT-LB. Only 7.62-mm machine gun, mounted on the MT-LB was intended, first, to the defense: tractor for offensive action will not do. However, on the basis of his created several military vehicles, including a Bulgarian BMP-23 (1984).

Weapons century.  Better armored vehicles

The most recognizable South American tank: M1 Abrams

Country: United States
Adopted in 1980
Length: 9766 mm
Combat weight: 61.3 t
Engine: Honeywell AGT1500C, 1500 hp
The highest speed: 66.8 km / h
Crew: 4 persons.

Already 30 years old tank M1 Abrams main battle machine is the U.S. Army. Developed it since the beginning of the 1970s to replace the obsolete tanks "Patton." The tank is made according to the traditional scheme, and asks a crew of 4 people. Armament — 105-mm gun M68 or 120-mm M256 cannon Depends on version, as machine guns. Besides the U.S., the tank is in service with the armies of Australia, Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Weapons century.  Better armored vehicles

Most first battle tank: Mark I

Country: England
Designed: 1915
Length: 9910 mm
Combat weight: 28.4 tons ("male"), 27.4 tons ("female") Engine: 6-cylinder Daimler-Knight, 105 hp
The highest speed: 6.4 km / h
Crew: 8 people.

The famous British heavy tank Mark I was the first in the history of the tank, t
he criteria applied in combat. Made in 1915-1916, he had a corresponding "diamond" form, with the tracks were open and vulnerable to enemy attacks. Were produced in two versions of the tank, "male» (male) with a machine gun and 2 57-mm cannon and "female» (female) with machine guns. Then Mark I was used occasionally even during the second World War, but its main award were not military successes (alternated with troubles), and confirmation of the prospect of a new direction in the development of weapons.

Weapons century.  Better armored vehicles

The most cinematic armored car: M3 Scout Car

Country: United States
Adopted: 1937
Length: 5626 mm
Combat weight: 5.62 m
Engine: in-line 6-cylinder
Hercules JXD, 110 hp
The highest speed: 89 km / h
Crew: 1 person. + 7 (landing)

South American films about the war armored cars full of 2-types. If a movie about the war in Iraq — a "Hummers". If a second world — light armored White. Beheld them almost every, but not many who thought it all the same for the car. The first version of the armored personnel carrier (M1) appeared in 1934: on the all-wheel drive truck chassis polutoratonnogo set hulls and four machine guns. The car proved to be secondary — in the main because of the low power and the highest mass, and in 1937 invited the White Army revised version of the M3 Scout Car, which became a cult classic armored car. The six-cylinder Hercules JXD M3 clocked a speed of 80 km / h on the highway, and the M2 Browning machine guns and Browning M1919A4 .50 caliber and .30 is a fairly easy for staff or machine intelligence fighting force. However, the low permeability and the absence of a roof pretty quickly negated all the advantages of "Whites". Lend-Lease M3 Scout Car delivered to the USSR, where he served until 1947 (in the U.S., the substitution began in 1943), by the end of 1990 "Whites" have survived as a fighting unit exclusively in the Dominican Republic.

Weapons century.  Better armored vehicles

The most recognizable WWII Tank: T-34

Country: USSR
Adopted: 1944
Length: 8100 mm
Combat weight: 32 tons
Engine: 12-cylinder diesel in the natural pressure-2-34, 500 hp
The highest speed: 55 km / h
Crew: 5 people.

T-34 became the most famous symbol of stateliness Russian war and the most famous Russian tank in history. He entered the series in 1940, and its last modification of the T-34-85 (1944), and to this day is in service with some countries in the world. The total amount issued in the USSR and other countries of the T-34 achieves 84,000 — is second on the mass of the tank in the world. The last Russian "Thirty" were collected In 1958, to replace the well-known tank came the T-54.

Weapons century.  Better armored vehicles

The most powerful tank second world: Tiger II (Konigstiger)

Country: Germany
Designed: 1943
Length: 10 286 mm
Combat weight: 68.5 t
Engine: V-12 Maybach HL 230 P30, 690 hp
The highest speed: 41.5 km / h
Crew: 5 people.

If you do not take into account the experimental "Maus," the most massive tank of the second world war was the German "King Tiger" or "Tiger II», developed in 1943. A heavy battle tank weighing 69.8 tons was armed with 88 mm KwK 43 L/71 gun and was virtually immune to return fire and anti-tank weapons. However, low maneuverability and average reliability drove dignity "Tiger II» to nothing. Has survived 9 of 489 made by the "Royal Tiger".

Weapons century.  Better armored vehicles

Frequent Tank: T-54/55

Country: USSR
Adopted: 1946 (T-54)
The length of the tank with gun forward: 9000 mm
Combat weight: 36 tons
Engine: diesel V-54/55, 520 hp
The highest speed: 50 km / h
Crew: 4 persons.

From 1945 to 1979, was issued more than 100,000 copies of the T-54, an upgraded version of its T-55 and its variants. He was armed with more than 70 armies in the world and has participated in more than 20 armed conflicts in different continents. Even made on the basis of its T-62 tank stand on the line even smaller and could not "survive" its predecessor. T-54/55 first success was justified for its reliability and simple design.

Weapons century.  Better armored vehicles

Most non-exportable tank, "Merkava"

Country: Israel
Adopted: 2003
Length: 9040 mm
Combat weight: 65 tons
Engine: General Dynamics GD883 (MTU883), 1500 hp
The highest speed: 64 km / h
Crew: 4 persons.

"Merkava" — Israel's main battle tank. It is released in 1979 and is considered one of the best tanks in the world, but for all that is in service with the armies of Israel, and not for export. "Merkava" successfully passed the crucible of war in the Lebanese conflict, is now in service with the 4th generation — the "Merkava Mk.4», 65-tonne tank with a 120 mm smoothbore gun MG253. For first-generation tank this modification has little to do enough.

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