Capital of Pomerania hail smote. Photo


2.08.11.V Arkhangelsk in the 29th timber was a powerful hurricane.

There was a feeling that was the end of the news agency sveta.Ob 'Dvina-Inform "said one reader.

The sky shone every 2 seconds bright peals, a heavy thunder, and then came the hurricane. As a result, the weather had been felled trees, ripped off roofs, shattered windows and broken wire.

"This fear in my life I have never experienced. Wind tended trees to the ground, pulled them back, breaking branches. Instantly a heavy downpour, so that at a distance of half a meter could not see anything. Then rain poured even hail, which knocked the glass in the windows. Lasted all of this, I thought, 10 minutes, and then all was quiet as fast "- told the witness what happened.


Photo from: IA "Dvina-Inform"


Source: IA "Dvina-Inform"





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