Carp fish kill on the lake


8.07.11.V beginning of the week to the newspaper "Metallurg" received some disturbing calls. Citizens reported that the carp in the lake is something wrong: on the beach, the sun shining silvery scales lie dead fish.

We immediately contacted the environmental prosecutor's office. It turned out there already know about the current situatsii.My asked to comment on the incident Deputy Orsk interdistrict environmental prosecutor Emile Shirinyan.

— The observed phenomenon today — in itself a negative, but it is pretty common for carp at this time of year. The death of small fish in the lake is observed almost every hot season for the last several years — said Emil Sargisovich. — It has to do with getting into any body of water large number of toxic substances from past years, studies have refuted speculation disturbing citizens on discharge of certain wastes in water. Situation is due to natural factors.

The fact is that at the end of June and in July, the water in the lake, which is fairly shallow and silted, very warm. It is not surprising, now five years old the summer heat has very high temperatures. At the same time recharge from streams and other sources of carp almost gets. High temperatures trigger the rapid growth of algae in shallow waters, and as a result dramatically reduces the amount of oxygen in the coastal water. This leads to the death of fish.

Marina Kirsankina newspaper "Metallurg".

Source: ORSK.RU

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