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In the quiet town of Pskov region is the so-called Devil's meadow. Residents of the village, located at a distance of about a kilometer away, always around this clearing, despite the fact that in the summer and autumn there so many mushrooms that although oblique mow. Come here every guest rustic old-timers will certainly talk about the huge black dog, breathing fire. She walks from time to time at the wet meadow and aspen grove surrounding it.

Moscow Electrical Engineer Sergei Martianov 10 years ago with his former classmate at the time the mushroom came to this village to visit his parents. He was gambling mushroom pickers, and stories of local elders about the fire-breathing monster, of course, did not believe. So he easily managed to persuade a friend to go for mushrooms that is in the direction of Devil's clearing.

But the mushrooms in the forest was so much that by the sworn friends have already entered the place with full baskets. As soon as they reached the clearing, to meet them from the thick bushes suddenly rolled out a big black ball on the surface of which ran fiery flashes. A few meters away from the mushroom was a huge puddle of rainwater. Mysterious dark object, sparkling, turned to her and hissed swept across the surface of the water. Immediately in the air rose a thick cloud of steam, and then there was a loud bang, followed by a balloon immediately disappeared, as if vanished. On the ground of it was left withered grass. That's when Sergey and I thought that old man's stories are the real soil.

Martianov decided to find a solution of this mysterious phenomenon. Back in the village, he learned from the people who saw the "satanic dog" on several occasions that his every appearance in the aspen grove is accompanied by signs of the same type — sparks, flames and explosions of cotton. Martianov graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute and, of course, understood that he had seen the phenomenon is very similar to a natural phenomenon, which has high energy. And the black color of the ball — not a gimmick, because scientists have long documented black fireballs. Yet in the case was extremely complex puzzle. After all, fireballs, usually occur during thunderstorms. Sergey also observed the appearance of the ball in the sun, and from the air, as it were, out of the ground.

Back in Moscow, Martianov organized a group of enthusiasts to explore what he saw at Pskov phenomenon. In his research group joined the initiative and physicist Andrei Anokhin. He explained that in terrestrial rocks, experiencing a strong contraction, may also appear electrical discharges enormous power. And if so, then it is likely that the underground lightning can be sputtered onto the surface.

By adopting this version of the work, a group of enthusiasts in Moscow the following year went to Pskov, to the Devil's clearing. Researchers took with devices that would warn them in advance about the brewing power of emissions and would allow it to monitor the movement of the surface of the earth. Sensor devices were placed around the clearing. Guarded during the week. Once the arrows started and went sharply to the right. A few minutes later, the expedition saw the middle of the clearing flushed crimson flames, which soon went out, and then out of the ground there was "something dark gray." It all happened as expected. However, after this started quite unexpected miracles … "The dark fireball" behaved like a living and sentient being. She walked around the clearing in a circle, alternately burning there sensors. From an expensive camera tripod so there were only pieces of glass of the lens of the alloy. People at that time embraced numbness. In the end, having made a clearly purposeful destruction devices, "something dark gray" back in the center of the clearing and slowly absorbed into the ground, like a drop of ink in a blotter. Only after the complete disappearance of the phenomenon of underground explorers came out of shock.

Already back in Moscow, Sergei told the people who were interested in the results of the expedition: "I am a believer, but I can not help feeling that I almost saw firsthand the living devil or some other monstrous creatures of the underworld. Now I will not rest until not unravel the nature of this phenomenon. "

Having realized after a while that his sentence was too emotional and hasty Martianov all the free time devoted to the study of the scientific literature on this topic. It took some time, and he was clearly aware of the fact that in different regions of our planet, there are constantly cropping up or faults of crystalline rocks of the Earth surface. If this is the case, then in the fault zone there plasmoids erupting out of the ground outside. For example, for several years there in Novosibirsk — near the metro station "Red prospectus" as well as in the western part of the city towards the airport Tolmachevo. Here fiery objects (but not dirty, and glowing) in diameter from a few centimeters to several meters appear at different heights and at times pulled out from the ground. By the way, recently experts have established with certainty that quite numerous UFO fireballs and silent outbreaks in different parts of the world are a direct consequence of the fracture of crystalline rocks of the Earth's surface.

After the first expedition team visited Martyanova near Pskov three more times. And it happened again to continue the script. Researchers, as before, have seen at some point in the center of the clearing out of the ground encountered "something dark gray." For nervous tension, unbridled imagination or just a fright could in some moments to take it for a fire-breathing Cerberus with huge glowing eyes.

In the last three expeditions, researchers have documented something new. They are, for example, were convinced that the plasmoid monster easily penetrates through the trees and rocks. Dark as they explain the color of his many small particles of earth and dust that attracts the object. His temperature is very high. Measure it is not possible. On his way, he destroys everything that can burn, but on the ground leaves a trail of charred grass.

Members of the expedition made several attempts to provoke a plasmoid using a vibrator, which rams gravel for road construction, but the desired result was never received, for visual phenomenon was not shown completely, but light-sensitive film is necessarily recorded the appearance of the glow at ground level and allocation of small luminous balls like soap bubbles.

In general, with the Pskov phenomenon is quite clear that this is a plasmoid, escaping from the ground. However, the group Martyanova still not calmed down there and wants to continue his studies. Now she is interested in the question under what conditions this energy formation leaves the clearing begins to wander through the aspen and it explodes and disappears.

Zodiac 11.2004

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