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Rowing coach Nikolai Jackals treats people with caps, charged by their energy

We learned about the unusual athlete is unusual: in the editorial office by e-mail came a letter with the request to specify the address of the Nobel Committee — real, they say, is a candidate. We honestly searched and sent the answer, they found. In exchange student Shakalova Alexander — he was the author of the letter — introduced us to this extraordinary man.

Maitre with a cap

On Healer 44-year-old Nicholas is not like one bit. Parapsychologists and other wizards kind usually have a mysterious and important, speak softly and carefully, with a sense of dignity. Jackals same small sprouts, frail, smiling. For some reason unknown to screw up through the word "healers bakers' — saying he was. Undignified, for short. And at the expense healed Shakalova is not yet on thousands or even hundreds. "A person can have 15," — says.
But cases across APB. One became ill buhgaltershu sports school. Fell unconscious for 55 years, hypertensive crisis, and so on … While waiting for the "fast", the woman was already turning blue. The doctors came, saw, "Everything — they say — does not help …". Here Jackals put on his cap aunt.
— While doctors were driving, — says Nikolay — I also tried to help: hands led — to no avail … Out of desperation, doctors, bakers, decided to try the cap.
With a hat doomed aunt immediately stopped to turn blue, and five minutes later opened her eyes.
The other, 80-year-old lady was paralyzed after a stroke. Year and dragged her to the doctors, and psychics different — it is useless. Jackals came up, put on the cap … Just, "Get up and walk!" Is not said … Granny is not that got up and went, but felt much better.

How do the caps of our hero, what energy he fills them — neither science nor he himself did not know. He told me just what to charge centers and inner eye "looks into the cap." One "filling" lasts for 2 — 4 weeks, depending on the intensity of use.
USE healer and home (mother sprained arm in order cited), and his disciples in the sports school. He had a kid-epileptic, really wanted to do, but his illness with the sport, you know, combined bad. Again, he went through a lot of doctors and nevrachey, but to no avail. After the course, "kepkoterapii" fits ceased, and although the boy did not become a champion, he trained along with everyone. A champion was another pupil of Nikolai Nikolaevich — named Nogaitzev.
— In my opinion, in the 88th year that was … Athlete of Nogaitzev this was, to put it bluntly, no. I taught him how to row properly, exercise — it this week with the second adult category in KMSy jumped!
About the "right to row" — one more know-how of Nicholas Roerich. Over 14 years of coaching, he came up with his theory on this account. If we force the human body to move optimally in terms of kinematics, Jackals sure, you can easily increase the efficiency of the body by 30 — 40%.
Tested the theory on the box: friend of our hero (not a boxer and not even an athlete) "correctly" punched in the device that measures the force of impact. He recorded 500 kg …
His development coach and innovator tried to implement Mohammed Ali, but for some reason he did not answer. Jackals now writes the Klitschko brothers …
In parting, Nikolai loaded cap correspondent of "E!". Tangible improvements in health over the past week have been reported, but with the visor itself disappeared Stubborn stains. Energy — an unpredictable thing.

Andrey Arkhipov


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