Chelyabinsk school converted into secure facilities Entrance through the turnstile, lunch on the cards


Chelyabinsk, September 07 (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — The beginning of the school year for students turned Chelyabinsk some schools and parents next unpleasant innovations.

As the correspondent of "New Region", this year changed the order of admission to educational institutions. Status institutions, which previously operated the principle of city set, first-graders are now required to take the place of residence. As a result, in some high schools and high schools scored more first class than usual for 4-5 instead of 3. In this case, with the explicit enumeration: in the first grade of a high school there are more than 30 students.

This substantial replenishment immediately caused a lot of problems. For example, with changing rooms for elementary school students. Their number has not changed, and it is clearly not designed for the increased number of students. Unscrew the guide above Lyceum originally: children decided simply "overcrowded." As a result, in the small room of about 5 square meters of undress now just two classes — a total of more than 40 people.

Another unpleasant surprise for the parents was the installation of turnstiles at the entrance to the school. Not that the administration suddenly has attended a security problem, just formed a certain firm, offered to take on the costs of installing such equipment. With parents urgently collected "subscription" fee for using a tourniquet once a year in advance. Now go to school pupils will be strictly on electronic cards. Parents with penetrate banned. Last outraged: in fact it means that they are completely blocked any possibility of control of the school life of the child. Now even an appointment with the director to get extremely difficult.

Also on the card, students will enter the premises dining. The terminal will read the card with their money for lunch. Lost or forgotten electronic media — remained without dinner. Not renewed in time card — also stayed hungry.

Besides the fact that parents are prohibited from passing a school building, many schools now also not to drive. Thus, in one of the most prestigious schools in the city center was blocked from entering the barrier. Parents who come from other areas, have to leave the car in the yards of nearby houses. This very unhappy residents who themselves do not have enough space for parking. Some of them have already threatened to pierce the wheel and not very expensive foreign cars, park on "their" territory. Outraged parents tried to complain to the school. In response, the administration referred to the disposal of a "top": not that the Minister of Education, not the head of the district. And the children to a question, the teacher and do recommend all claims and questions to President Putin, he supposedly issued such a decree.

As for the introduction of yet another novelty — the electronic journal — teachers themselves to this idea are cool. Recall that in his time board of education has actively promoted the introduction of electronic journals and magazines in the city schools. The idea: parents online schools learn assessment of their child, as well as get acquainted with the ads. To question their parents when they can learn about the progress of their child over the Internet, teachers weary shrug: "It's so much work, bring all the data, who will deal with? We simply do not have time. "

In other schools, parents of first-grade teacher said bluntly: "We do not recommend that you devote to education, it is classified information." Given that in many educational institutions mladsheklassnikov doing homework in the afterschool program and all notebooks left in school, the news that the baby is limping on a particular subject can be a complete surprise. With that already encountered in many families vtoroklashek: all first class work at home do not ask, workbooks parents did not show. As a result, in the first days of September, it became clear that some children simply "not up" to became more complex the program, parents have rushed to hire tutors.

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