Chelyabinsk students will get to the hostel by fingerprints


28.09.12.V Chelyabinsk State University appeared tehnika.Poka fingerprint device to determine the fingerprint is working in test mode.

Know-how can not skip or not to skip the students in the hostel. However, anyone can go to him and find out how it works. But the most daring to even try.

— The students reacted differently to the new product. Someone said, "Hurray!" Some fear that now they will control what we see, when and who goes and comes, — Said, "the first regional" vice-rector for educational and non-educational work CSU Alexander Sazonov.

How long will the experiment, the university management can not say. In the meantime, students will be in the old lodge at the entrance to the hostel cards. Will become clear closer to the new year.

— We want to study how the technology will work. The security service while watching, check. Then summarize and decide whether such security measures said Alexander Sazonov.

While at CSU only implement fingerprint examination technique does use in law school. There, students have to leave a fingerprint to get in your room or in pairs.

Victoria Voinova

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