Cherkassy region suffers from pests


9.08.11.V seven districts of Cherkasy region a surge in pest activity — American white moth.

According to the press service of the Cherkasy Oblast Department of Forestry and Wildlife Service, in a survey of forest protection specialist company "Kievlesozaschita" cells revealed normal pine sawyer in plantations Prokhorovka, Liplyavskogo Olhovsky forestry and forestry Zolotonosskogo an area 2502 hectares and forest plantations Chornyavskogo Chigirinsky on forestry area of 4970 hectares. Population density crowns mentioned pest represented between 20 and 140 colonies sawyer, which threatened the destruction of 50% of plants.

In this regard, in order to protect crops from total destruction was carried out destructive activities in the cells of pine sawyer.

As experts of the State Inspectorate for Plant Quarantine in Cherkasy region, American white moth affects almost 300 species of plants. The fruit was not interested, just foliage. Moth itself does not hurt the plant, but only lays 200 to 2,000 eggs, which formed the caterpillar, which climbs from tree to tree, eating the leaves.

In Cherkassy region butterfly in June and August, laying eggs. In the autumn the caterpillar forms a nest, becoming a chrysalis and overwinter in a cocoon. UNIAN reports

Source: ICTV channel


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