Chile washed ashore thousands of dead shrimp

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March 20, 2013. March 19 at the coast of Chile, 540 km south-west of the city of Santiago, were discovered thousands of dead shrimp. According to local residents, the animals were killed from-for contamination of local water plants.

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Thousands of dead lobsters washed up on the shore of Chile

March 21, 2013. The banks of the Chilean province of Concepcion on Wednesday turned red. Washed up on shore dead, thousands of Norwegian lobster. The prosecutor's office has launched an investigation. It is suspected that this was from-for the illegal discharge into the waters of the Pacific Ocean toxic waste.

Ana Maria Aldana, the prosecutor: "Today, we gather the maximum amount of evidence to determine not whether we are dealing with any environmental crime."

Experts have taken water samples for analysis.

Victor Casanova, a police spokesman: "We're going to go out in the Gulf of Coronel to determine the temperature indicators, electrical conductivity and, most importantly, the presence of oxygen, which is very important to stress."

In recent years, the Pacific coast of Latin America washed up a frightening number and variety of marine life. Experts in the field of nature say that the reasons depend on the species and location. Most likely, the mass death occurs from-for the spread of a virus, a coastal drilling or poisoned food source.

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