China produced about 700 karst holes

Karst holes

In central China, was formed about 700 karst valleys. Photo from

28.02.12.V the central Chinese province of Hunan for the year 693 there was a large quantity of karst collapse, and their number is constantly growing.

Yuetszyatsyao village suffered the most. Local residents are excited cause of the disaster they consider over-exploitation of groundwater resources. Large gaps appear for a long time, but local authorities have done nothing.

According to mainland media reports, from January to February 24 this year, residents located in the Lake Dongting nine townships that are administered by the city Iyana Hunan Province, were geological disasters. In the village and in the surrounding area have been many failures of large karst area, which had a negative impact on the lives and production activities of local residents.

According to the Department of Land Resources of Iyana, 693 found a dip in the ground, 537 of them — on farmland, 150 — in rivers and mountain streams, 6 — in the ponds. 167 homes were damaged, affecting more than 1,200 people. Most affected village Yuetszyatsyao.

According to the story of the inhabitants of the village Yuetszyatsyao, phenomena such as land subsidence, occur for many years, but this year all the more significant. Failure every day becomes more and more an area of greater size and previous failures also increases. People are afraid that the house could collapse at any time, as due to subsidence more than 200 homes were given a crack. Some families were forced to move to the mountains.

He added that in the village, each family has a well, but the water from many wells left. Now the villagers get their water from only two wells.

Yuetszyatsyao village residents have been exposed to a similar disaster in 2008. The last six months have formed more than 550 failures, every day brings new, mainly in rivers and every few tens of meters in arable fields. Diameter of the largest failure of 7-8 meters, meet the size of 2-3 meters. Depth of some of them reaching over 30 meters.

The village is located in a mountainous area rich in natural resources, there are underground caves are large.

According to the results of the examination of the Office of Land and Resources, the low level of groundwater has led to a large number of karst valleys. Yuetszyatsyao village is located next to the county of Ningxia, administratively subordinate Changsha city, where there is a coal mine. Local residents believe that as a result of ultra-deep coal mining underground water leak that led to land subsidence. But this argument has not received confirmation.

As it became known, large-scale geological disasters occur in the area since 1979. But the authorities have not taken any action and did not support the peasants, and the peasants themselves unable to cope with it.

In May last year in the southern province of Guizhou Guiyang six cars fell into the abyss in the road. In April of that year in Beijing on the road was a failure is detected, which fell off the truck with the driver, but, fortunately, the driver was not injured. In 2010, in the central part of China, the hospital building collapsed due to subsidence.

Lyudmila Demin

Source: The Epoch Times

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