China started to build a second aircraft carrier

China started to build a second aircraft carrier
Second of four scheduled carriers began to build in China, said a source in the government.
Construction began in the northeastern port of Dalian and is designed for 6 years, Defence News reports with reference to the control of the Communist Party of Dalian, Liaoning province.
Create another 2-carriers is in the project. Chinese authorities say that the buildup of weapons is conducted only in self-defense.
Currently in China Navy considered only one aircraft carrier — «Liaoning». This last Russian heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser «Varyag», which was achieved in Ukraine and modernized Chinese spices. On the «Liaoning» can contain up to 30 aircraft. On an aircraft carrier to the true time successfully conducted tests on takeoff and landing deck fighters.
Recall last winter there was proof construction in China nuclear aircraft carriers. First, in May, it became clear that the People’s Liberation Army has allocated carrier aviation in the new formation of the Navy.
In October last year, China said the construction of an aircraft carrier on the basis of their «own intellectual rights.»

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