China threatens devastating earthquake


15.01.11.V China in the foreseeable future can an earthquake of magnitude 7 or higher. A forecast of the main "predictor" China Seismological Center Sun Shihuna published metropolitan Beijing Times.

In the last two weeks in different locations in China were recorded for three 5-magnitude earthquake January 1 in Xinjiang force 5.1 earthquake, January 8, Jilin force 5.6 points and January 12 in the Yellow Sea magnitude 5 points, according UKRINFORM.

Since the devastating earthquake in Yushu County, April 14, 2010 in China almost always result in an abnormal seismic activity.

"Usually after a major earthquake occur 3.4 repetitive force of at least 6 points and the order of ten 5-point, but the number of last year's earthquake in China is much higher than the norm," — said the Sun.

According to seismologists, China needs to be alert and to take proactive measures against the possibility of a serious earthquake in the coming years.


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