Chinese helicopters Z-9WE in Africa

Chinese helicopters Z-9WE in Africa
Combat helicopter China Z-9WE, finally got some combat experience. Within 6 months, Kenya has used four helicopters Z-9WEs in southern Somalia. First pair of helicopters in Kenya received the 2010th year, and the second — in the past year. Helicopters Z-9WEs proved very useful in Somalia to fight with Islamic terrorists of Al-Shabaab. Sure, because no one has mentioned that the establishment of a helicopter Z-9WEs is against the Western embargo on weapons to China (due to the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, the year).

Embargo against China is unpopular. Namely European offices want to abandon the embargo, and some, such as France, just ignore it. This is done without supplies of Western technology and dual-use equipment used in weapons systems. One such example is the introduction of French engines Arriel 2C (built under license in China) to combat helicopter Z-9WE.

Arriel 2C engine was to be applied only on the Chinese civilian helicopters, and in practice it has been installed on more than three hundred of them. Earliest models of helicopters equipped with Z-9 designed and built in China engines WZ8A. They proved to be unsatisfactory. So now China notified the use of Arriel 2C engines for military helicopters Z-9WE.

The introduction of Western engines for military helicopters is not new. 5 years ago, China has established a Canadian engine PT6C-67C helicopter Z-10. China ignores foreign protests and partly because of European military equipment manufacturers insist on lifting the embargo.

Helicopter Z-9 is a licensed version of the French AS 365N Dauphin. This four-ton helicopter carries two tons of payload. China has built more than 200 helicopters Z-9, and many of them were armed (with 2 23-mm guns, torpedoes, anti-tank missiles and air-to-air missiles). Helicopter Z-9WE is an export option that is more easily modified western electronics and weapons. China exported Z-9WE the latest least four other African countries.

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