Chinese rivers burst their banks, is dead


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BEIJING, Sept. 20. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Kirillov /. About 71 thousand people have been evacuated in Shaanxi Province in northwest China because of the strong over the past half-century flood, according to Chinese media today.

Its banks went Weihe River and its tributaries. Disasters caused by heavy rains — the rise of water levels and landslides — have resulted in the deaths of Shaanxi 35 people, 17 of which were buried under a landslide at a factory on the outskirts of the provincial capital — the city of Xi'an. Another 15 people reported missing.

To struggle with the elements only in the county Huasyan thrown more than 20 thousand people, they reinforce the dikes and dams, reports from the scene Xinhua. Only in Shaanxi floods covered ten cities under water were 31,125 houses, 71.5 thousand more were damaged.

In Sichuan / Southwest China / by floods 14 people were killed and 11 were missing. All the elements of it have suffered more than three million inhabitants. 31 thousand homes flooded, washed away more than 16 thousand hectares of crops. Direct economic losses province about one billion U.S. dollars.

Downpours that caused flooding continues in Sichuan since Friday. Bachzhun from cities, and Dachzhun Guanan evacuated more than a million people. Experts note that the current flooding in Sichuan — the strongest since 1847. In some cities, the depth of water in the flooded streets of up to ten meters.

Threatening situation on the largest river in China — affluent Yangtze, where the water discharge at the dam hydro "Three Gorges" / "Three Gorges" / is now about 45 thousand cubic meters per second. The water level in the reservoir of the world's largest hydropower plant exceeded 160 meters, which is 16 meters above the critical level.

National headquarters for flood control and drought announced last night about the danger of large-scale flooding in the basin of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River.


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