Chronicle of mass disappearances




History has accumulated quite a lot of unexplained facts of mass disappearances. Here are some of them.

In the late nineteenth century on a rocky island Flennan was the lighthouse Eileen Mor. December 15, 1900 the lighthouse ceased to function because now all three ranger. The investigation revealed that the men could not swim away or be stolen. They were gone as if they carried away from the island unseen force. This incident had remained a mystery.

It is known even more mysterious incident. The morning of August 21, 1915 a battalion of British troops had to fight off the Turks "height 60". Following the approach to the height at the battalion "dropped" fog, then turned into a murky cloud that rose into the sky and began to swim slowly in the direction opposite to the wind. A battalion disappeared. Near the height remained the living and the dead. So far, there is not even speculation about the causes of this strange tragedy.

No less mysterious event occurred in December 1937 in China. To the south of Nanjing 3,000 Chinese soldiers took up positions to protect one of the bridges. In the morning before the onset of a sudden lost radio contact with the unit. Sent to ascertain officers found that the trenches are empty positions. Not found not only dead, but even traces of possible military action. Commit mass escape soldiers could not, because to do so they would have to go through a guarded bridge. What could happen with so many people? There is no answer yet.

Another striking incident occurred in 1930 in Canada. On the shore of the lake had completely disappeared Anyakuni large Eskimo village. Loss of 2,000 people found one of its residents, which was absent in the country for two weeks. What was surprising was that the Eskimo huts all remained in their places. People search yielded no results, there were no footprints around the village, which excluded the possibility of their mass exodus.

The same type of secrets are numerous cases of disappearances from the remaining ships afloat. For example, in the Philippines on the island of Tokelau, November 10, 1955 a few dozen meters from the shore was found the ship "Hoypta", which disappeared with all 25 members of the crew with the passengers. All attempts to find the people were totally unsuccessful. In 1941, the North Atlantic in the Gulf of Lion in July found the ship "Iceland" in good condition, but not a single person on board.

All these facts still do not have a convincing explanation, and therefore fell into the mysterious encyclopedia of facts, Richard Lazarus, entitled "Beyond the limits of the possible." But there must be some physical reason for such events!

The study of meteorites crashing at hypersonic speeds in Earth's atmosphere, showed that the celestial stones while charging to the giant potentials, the values of which, according to estimates, could reach millions and billions of volts. Two scenarios are possible termination of the flight. In the first case, a breakdown between the meteorite and the Earth, the accumulated potential is reset to the earth, all the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy, which causes the electric discharge of a meteorite explosion. But there is a second option. In this case, the meteorite may be destroyed even before the explosion. In this case, the potential drop, breakdown does not occur, but the state of stress in the atmosphere remain. High potential between the meteor trail and the Earth can exist in the atmosphere for several hours, gradually decreasing. A high potential is able to trigger an electrostatic levitation, even when heavy bodies, people, trees, even small boats can be lifted into the air and be transported over very long distances.

Recall how the entire battalion disappeared British troops, who suddenly descended on a mysterious fog. Under the proposed mechanism, which flew over the battalion meteorite created a high state of stress, when all 145 people were raised together in the air and carried toward the meteorite and scattered far away from recovery. With this version is quite obvious appearance of a strange cloud. It arose because of the rise in air dust and sand under the influence of high-powered field. And it becomes clear that most struck bystanders — "a cloud in the form of a round loaf slowly swam in the direction opposite to the wind!" Items raised up an electrostatic force will move in the direction of maximum electric field, even against the wind.

This hypothesis would explain many mysteries, which gave ground for all sorts of legends and myths.

Zodiac 12.2004

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