Coma is not death, but only a reboot

Quite strange things happen to people who have been in the other world, that is in a state of coma. After they woke up from a coma — they claim that they had something radically changed. And, of course, it's not a sense of joy or happiness, but that's another — the opening of supernatural abilities.

An Englishman Tom McHugh was unemployed person, and always participated in street fights. The man loved to drink considerably, losing all the money in the card.

However, in 2001, a man grabbed a serious blow. And stroke literally sent him to the other world. Week a man lying in the hospital, and then there was, indeed, a miracle.

A man came to his senses and quickly got better, but after discharge man realized that he perceives the world differently. He saw that all things in the world are illuminated in different colors, which he had not noticed before. The man picked up a brush and began to paint on the walls of his home, but he soon realized that he wanted to paint a picture. This Tommy nobody taught, this phenomenon happened to him naturally.

Gradually, all the walls in the house of a man turned into a picture of indescribable beauty. The corners of the house a man adorned with sculptures, which he produced. Former shortstop and city residents do not recognize the old Tommy. And many still do not cease to be surprised by the fact that the days he writes prose and poetry, and in the evening casts a spell over the canvas. Man loved the animals in the house threw cats and dogs. What happened to him?

Experts believe that in men's brains wag: coma and stroke affect the brain activity of men they activated parts of the brain that are responsible for the creative skills. Only now it is not clear why such gifts are not opened at all. Scientists can not answer this question because they do not know what processes occur in the brain when a person is in a coma or experiencing a serious operation under general anesthesia.


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