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22.07.11.Za short time astronomer discovered two comets.
And this despite the fact that, apparently, in the foreseeable part of the solar system, all openly. Now researchers are looking at the objects in the pictures and waiting. Soon one of the comet passes near the Earth.

Point of lines in the middle of the screen — a scientific discovery. Incredible. Because after 20 years of silence in the sky this is the second new comet in six months and because the second comet discovered this same scientist that first.

"The pictures of opening it to look like a very faint asteroid on it was clear that the orbit is not very common," — says the researcher Keldysh Institute. MV Keldysh Leonid Elenin.

That is not round, but more like an ellipse. Heavenly body from the non-hazardous, but periodically "converging" with the Earth. As at this moment a bright guest missed all telescopes of the world, is unclear. But almost a spent Russian researchers have caught it by the tail.

"This is a great success, and if the scientist is not the first to open, so he made some art and skill" — said the Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Head of the Department of astrometry and time service of the State Astronomical Institute. Sternberg MSU. University Konstantin Kuimov.

They look at achievements of their colleagues on the Internet. Discoveries like fireworks. Like life itself Elenin. It is hard to imagine, but two years ago he was working a real estate agent. Comet childhood dream, and even without the astronomical education. Now the hobby has become a matter of life and a new page in Russian science. Six months ago, Leonid Elenin found his first comet. The last time before he found a comet, and generally looking in the Soviet Union. With the collapse of which was all the observatory around the country, a data collection system is no more. In addition, in this moment once outdated technology — into space burst digital cameras.

"At the time of the collapse of the whole world went to CCD, and hundreds of our telescopes such there are only two," — says the project coordinator, the Institute of Applied Mathematics. MV Keldysh, Russian Academy of Sciences Igor Molotov.

The main work of scientists — not to look at the stars, and more down to earth — to watch for debris and satellites. But the staff decided, time and resources will be sufficient to science.

"When we observe the debris, all that does not belong to him, is simply thrown out. Now here we want to make the database, "- said the coordinator of the project, the Institute of Applied Mathematics. MV Keldysh, Russian Academy of Sciences Igor Molotov.

Thousands of images in a virtual observatory. This file cabinet will look into the night sky, carefully and without haste. Although, of course, much more interesting to watch his discovery to the naked eye. In two months, the comet Elenin will be visible even without binoculars. So close to Earth, it will fly. Do not miss out. The next time she will not be back in 12 thousand years.
Ian Podzyuban

Source: The first channel 

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